Why Most Video Production Companies Don’t Get Online Video Marketing

I really think that when it comes to video marketing the majority of video production companies get it wrong. There are major differences between each type of video that you can create. I hope not to upset too many production companies with my next rant but I have to get it off my chest.

You Don’t Buy a Single Video for Multi-Channel Video Distribution

One of the common things that a video production company will say is that you can use this video anywhere. They’ll say “put your video on social media, put it on your homepage, get it on your trade show booth TV screens, link to it on a QR code on your business card…” etc, etc. the list goes on. These are all different ways that you’ll hear how to distribute your video content. The problem with this is that each video has a unique purpose and goal. In order for a video to be highly effective it must be targeted. A video that you share on Facebook is going to have a different result and level of engagement than a video that you’re playing at a trade show.

Multi-channel video distribution is often used as a way to leverage your video production investment. In some cases this could be the best way but if you really want to get the most out of your video investment then you need to plan your video marketing strategy to include video content that is made for that distribution channel.

In other words, just because you have shoes doesn’t mean they fit every foot. The right show for the right foot. (ok I admit poor example, but if you have a better one share it in the comments).

What Video Marketing Is and What it is not

Video marketing is not distributing your video everywhere and anywhere hoping people will watch it.

Real video marketing is getting a specific video in front of a targeted audience with the goal of them taking a specific action. This usually is buying your product or service, downloading an offer, or signing up for something.

Video marketing is about targeted measurable results and not spraying and praying. Absolutely, you can produce a video and put it everywhere on the web and get tons and tons of random views but if someone watches your video and they are not your ideal customer are they making you money?

Take a look at these video marketing statistics:

Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%. (source)

I wonder what kind of video they had on the landing page. Did they create one company overview video and embed it on the page? – Probably not. A video marketing agency would probably recommend a video that is unique to the offer on the landing page. It would also have a call-to-action that is relevant to the page. i.e. the form is on the right and the voice over in the video says “complete the form on the right to get the offer”. Here’s a simple example of a video created exclusively for a landing page. This is promoting an ebook: The Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing – It’s free so check it out.

Two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2016. (source)

Do video production companies worry about where the video is going to be embedded? – Probably not. They’re main focus is producing a great video -right? It’s then up to you to prepare it for your target audience online. What is fascinating about this statistic is that video is now becoming widely available on your mobile device. This increase in mobile video viewership is going to impact how and where you embed your videos. Your mobile presence needs to be optimized to handle the traffic that mobile video can send to your website.


Here’s my rant on why many video production companies just don’t get online video marketing. I can’t wait to read your thoughts and feedback in the comments. If you enjoyed this article please consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues. Businesses just can’t afford to produce poor video content marketing strategies!


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