Build an Audience and Get Your Video Content Marketing Noticed Online

Get your video content marketing noticed online and grow your audience with these 5 tips from professional marketers and video production experts.

Create Engaging Video Content

Video content that is boring will not be watched for more than a few seconds and certainly not shared. Experts say that the first 15 seconds of your video are critical to engaging the viewer. Put your video’s most compelling information first. This gives you the greatest opportunity to grab the viewers attention. There are many ways that you can earn the engagement of your viewers and the best way is with trust. Deliver what you say you’re going to deliver and you will be rewarded.

Systematically Distribute Videos Around the Web

Distributing your videos around the internet is an essential next step to growing your audience. This doesn’t mean that you publish the same video on every social media channel or video hosting platform. Each social channel and video hosting platform has a strategy. There might be some overlap across channels but they are not all the same.

  • YouTube is a social media network and they have an interest at driving traffic to YouTube and keeping people on YouTube. The more videos people watch the greater the opportunity they have to sell ads.
  • Vimeo, is also a social media network, and they want you to remain on Vimeo and interact with the community. This can be great for growing your audience but it might not send people back to your website to purchase your product or service.
  • Facebook as we all know as the giant that started them all hosts videos as well. They don’t play ads on the videos and they tend to have high engagement but the sharing ability is hindered by user privacy settings and restrictions.
  • Wistia is a relatively inexpensive video hosting platform that helps you not only host your videos but drive the viewers to the pages that your videos are embedded.

The point is that part of building your audience is sharing your videos online and getting them in front of as many viewers and the right viewers as possible.

Incorporate Videos in Email Marketing

What if you could increase click-through rates by 96%? Incorporating video into your email marketing campaigns can deliver just that according to a study conducted by GetResponse. They sent nearly 1 billion emails with their internal study and emails containing a video received and average of 5.6 percent higher open rates, than emails without video. Incorporate video in your email marketing and you can achieve massive results at building your audience.

Add Video Link to Email Signature

Adding a simple link to your videos within your email signature is a easy process. By gently nudging your existing email audience to engage with your videos you can convert them into video subscribers. The call-to-action needs to generate interest so a simple “video link:” might not be enough to get clicks but a “A video that will change your business forever:” might do the trick.

Ask Your Viewers to Share Your Videos

People are often compelled to do something just because someone prompted or asked them to. By not asking your visitors to share your videos or click like or even asking them to subscribe you’re missing out. Remind them on each video that if they like the video and want to see more awesome video content then they should like and subscribe to your channel. Ask them to share your video with their colleagues, friends and family. If your initial viewer found value then it’s likely their network will find value as well. Don’t leave money on the table – ask your viewers to share.

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photo credit: Oneras