Visual Content Marketing | Screenshots, Infographics, & Videos

Why do screenshots, infographics, and videos work so well at grabbing attention? It’s because as humans we are visually wired. Almost 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing. 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes. We can get the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second.

Let me give the brief explanation on how we create it and get it in front of your ideal prospects.  Since the average website visitor only reads about 28% of words per visit we create visual content like infographics and videos. This attracts both humans and search engines. Search engines find the amazing content and humans (your prospects) look at it and a lot of it.

The average lead that is generated on our client’s websites will watch between 2 and 4 videos. This means that they are educated of your services and prequalified. Just the kind of lead that your marketers can move through the funnel and your sales team can close.

So, when you’re ready to get started attracting leads, building relationships, and engaging your prospects with visual content marketing, click the link below and request a free assessment.

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