Atlanta Video Production Portfolio

“A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” – Forrester

DCD is an in-house team with the skills capable of filming beautiful video footage which can be combined with mixed media to give your video production a professional,  and unique look. We have a growing video portfolio of corporate videos, promo videos, animated videos, and commercials. Each project we undertake completely re-defines the art of videography.

Corporate video production and what it achieves is completely revolutionized with the internet. A corporate video production is probably the most easily accessible piece of information on a website or social media sites . Using video to convey your message to hundreds and thousands of website visitors is a huge benefit to businesses. People almost expect to see a video if they are visiting your website. There are many types of videos including: promo videos, animated videos, trade show videos, e-commerce videos, product videos, viral videos, and corporate videos.