Video Production Process in Atlanta | DCD Agency

Our Proven Video Production Process Delivers Results

Our video production and marketing process focuses on you and your goals. We have developed this system using years of experience and industry research. We invest our full attention to each stage of the production process. Together, we set goals and determine how to best leverage your video marketing investment. Our unique approach helps you receive the most benefits from your videos. We are here through the whole process and will never leave you hanging.

Pre-Production Phase

The first step to every amazing video production is our initial discovery meeting. We meet over the phone, come to your office, or meet you wherever you like. We use this time to understand the ins and outs of your business and your video production goals. In many ways, videos capture your company culture and brand. That is why it is just as important for us to know as much as possible about your business as well as the goals you hope to achieve by producing a highly effective and creative video content.

We Are Your Video Production Guide

We will be your guide through the entire video production process. Coming up with inspiring messaging, effective calls to take action, and creative ideas are all part of our video production service to your business. During our meetings with you, as well as in our internal brainstorming sessions, the DCD team will work to develop content, scripts, storyboards, mock-ups, and sometimes mini-edits to efficiently propel your video into production. You won’t be let down by our highly effective in-house team of writers, marketers and producers.

Production Phase

Filming On-Location to On the Set

Once the video production goals are set and the plan is in motion, it’s time to begin filming. Our in-house team executes the capturing of moments (scripted or not) through which we are able to tell your story. Filming requires an eye for beauty and creativity which cannot be taught – it can only be learned by experience and inherent talent. At DCD, we have an extremely talented and creative team which brings your script and storyboard to life. We capture incredibly beautiful imagery of the highest quality using professional video production equipment including, but not limited to, camera cranes, dollies, steady cams, camera sliders, lighting, and sound equipment. We also keep the set tidy so that we can be efficient.

Post-Production Phase

Redundant Storage

Once the video footage has been captured, we bring it into our state-of-the-art editing computers. Your video footage is stored on redundant on-location storage devices. An off site cloud back up of all of your footage and production assets is also kept safe and secure behind a firewall. All of our video production progress is kept safe so that there is never a chance of losing content, footage, or well… anything.

Video Editing + Special Effects = Magic

First step to editing is logging the footage. We place the video segments on the timeline and piece the beautiful video footage together. Each sequence is carefully and thoughtfully placed on the timeline to ensure that your investment maintains the highest level of quality. Music is selected and sound effects are added where required. If motion graphics, animations, titles, lower thirds and 3D graphics are needed, they are designed and created specifically for your video production. With these elements on the timeline the first draft of your video is completed.

Video Review & Revisions

The ease and pleasure you have experienced using our cloud based project management software during the pre-production and video production phases will make the review and revisions period a breeze. We desire your feedback – positive or negative. This is important for us to ensure that your message is being conveyed properly. We don’t set limits on the revisions that you can make. We believe that your video should be complete when you’re 100% satisfied, not when you’re out of revision period.

Final Video Deliverable

At this stage your video is complete. Celebrate! OK, almost – we still need to get the Full HD version over to you. We offer over 100 different delivery codec and compression methods. If you’re using your video in an internet marketing campaign we can optimize the video for hosting on YouTube, Vimeo, or  Amazon3S. If you’ve created a trade show video we can provide a versions on DVD, Blue-Ray, or Thumb Drive which will play on any player, PC or Mac. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can also receive an optimized version. All in all your videos can be viewed on any device, in any method that you desire (maybe not an 8-Track but just about any).