Video that Gains Links & Social Shares

We Help You Gain Links & Social Shares with Video

video-gain-links-social-sharesIs your business looking to increase social shares and to gain links? We have made increasing links and gaining social shares an important part of the video marketing services we provide. Our  proven method to do this is by creating engaging video content.

How and why does video work in gaining links and social shares?

Video is a Terrific SEO Tactic

The better you do in search engines, the better the chances of increasing your links. Video provides key elements that search engines like Google are searching for. Videos increase relevancy, quality of content, and perhaps most importantly, time spent on your page.

When placing videos on your website it is important that you create complimentary text surrounding it. You also want to create an attention getting title and headline for it. If your videos are placed on YouTube make sure you use keywords in the text description. Include a small graphic on your video of your web address.

We Make Sure Your Content Informs or Entertains

One of the most powerful ways to gain links and shares is by creating content that entertains and informs. People love to be the first to learn something and share it with others. If your video is the source of new information it has a good chance of being shared. If you video contains extremely entertaining or humorous content it also increases the likelihood of shares and links. There are an increasingly amount of tools available to help you accomplish this. If you video happens to contain both of these elements, you really have got something!

We Promote, Promote, Promote

If you have a terrific video you want as many people to see it as possible. Don’t wait for Google or your visitors to find it. Instead, send links to your email lists, invite your social media followers, and put a link on your blog. You may also seek out related blogs and suggest a link to your video. If your video is newsworthy in some regard, send a link to your local media. Don’t forget to encourage everyone to share!

Your Video Content Represents Your Brand

You want to always maintain the integrity of your brand in the videos you create. This protects your brand and help builds it. People will understand what you are all about and what to expect. This allows them to become more comfortable linking to your video content because they know it will be of consistently good quality. Sharing a video is like referring a friend to a business. You have to have confidence that business will treat them right. We are a full-service video production company in Atlanta producing video content that delivers a greater opportunities for both shares and links.