Atlanta Video Production Services

Our video production services can help your business grow and achieve it’s goals. We tell compelling stories with video that resonate with your prospect. Many times, prospects that watch your video won’t remember every detail but they will remember how the video made them feel. That feeling is what moves your prospect to take action.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality In Exchange of Perceived Value

The level of quality, your videos have, directly affect the image of your company. What kind of videos are you showing your clients? – Or maybe the better question is what videos are your competitors showing your clients?


Goal Setting

Setting goals for your video is a critical step in deciding what you’re wanting to achieve. There are three types of goals that 99% of videos will fit into: Brand Awareness, Links & Social Shares, and Conversion & Traffic Generation. Each one of these videos has a specific goal that it aims to achieve. As a marketing agency and video production company we help your business determine where to start and what to focus on. We work with you to understand your business and what you want to achieve. We then give our recommendations on the type of goals we will target and then move onto creative development.

Creative Development

Creating original, fresh, and engaging video content begins during the creative development stage. Our talented team loves brainstorming creative ideas and discovering new ways to tell your story. We don’t just think outside the box, we live it. We work with your team to understand your business. You can be as involved with this process as you like. Some clients like to be hand on while other prefer to hand off this responsibility. In both situations you are able to depend on us to deliver an amazing video planning experience.

Script Writing

We take our creative ideas and put them on paper. Our experienced team of script writers work with you and your business to determine the proper messaging. While there’s not one script that is the same as the other, they all follow our proven storytelling methodology. We provide high quality script writing service to our clients. Storytelling is an art and while it begins with an idea, the script is an essential part to see the story come to life and an organized manner. Having worked with a diverse field of industries and services, our writers have intimate knowledge and experience with proper messaging and tonality.


Developing storyboards helps us plan your video production down to the most finite detail. Storyboards are like comic strips the detail out the scenes and sections of your video. Before we actually begin filming we plan how each shot is going to look and what is going to be in the frame. Planning ahead like this helps us avoid costly reshoots and wasted time. We can see what kind of hurdles we might be presented while filming. Creating storyboards for each video also helps us maintain the integrity of the script. We can stay true to the script and messaging that we worked so hard to develop during the creative development and scriptwriting phase. Our team has the background and experience to deliver storyboards that layout the sequence of scenes or your video productions.

Art Direction

Art direction is imperative to producing a video that is consistent with your branding. We have a team of production designers that are responsible for the overall look of your video. They work directly with you and our directors to find the right style and setting to visually tell your story. Each element in a production impacts the message that is being conveyed to your audience. Using the appropriate visuals we can project a variety of feelings and meanings. They are also responsible for coordinating those responsible for casting, hair and make-up, wardrobe styling, location scouts and more. We have put together the right people to make your overall filming experience and enjoyable and effective one.

Location Scouting

Scouting the location for filming your video is a vital aspect of the pre-production phase. Using the plan that we’ve created during the creative development, scriptwriting, and art direction phases, we task our seasoned locations scouts to source the scenery. They look at the overall aesthetic of the location, logistical burdens, schedules, and consider the financial costs involved, as well as a half dozen other factors. Sometimes finding the location is simple and we film at your office location or utilize the services of our filming and video studio resources. This role can be quite a challenge when you need “just the right location” to make the filming a success. You can found on us to go above and beyond to source the best locations to do the job right.



Choosing the best videographers for a production is a critical step in the overall process. We are proud to say that we have an experienced team of videographers that will be the perfect fit to capture your footage. We typically don’t shoot on film anymore and use camcorders or DSLR cameras to record your video footage. DCD’s skillful videographers know what cameras, lenses and equipment is required to deliver the results you’re looking for. Not everyone with a camera can produce an amazing video. Out talented team will carry your production successfully through to delivery. We don’t rely on the notion that you can “fix it in post” – we prefer to get the filming done right in the first place. We look forward to showcasing our videographers talents and dexterity filming your next video production.

Aerial Videography

Aerial videographer is no longer out of reach for businesses looking to add additional value to their video production. At DCD we have the capabilities to capture low-altitude aerial video footage via remote operated helicopters. We specialize in capturing images that will leave your audience speechless. Filming breathtaking views is one of our favorite things to do. Together we can double or triple the production value of a production simply by adding aerial cinematography. We are looking forward to flying overhead or inside to capture that perfect shot to tell your story.

Lighting & Grip Crews

Lighting is a key element with every video production. Lighting sets the mood, conveys emotion and feelings, and has one of the biggest influences on overall production value. Our team of trained gaffers and grips have the knowledge and experience to properly light your scenes for any type of video. We have taken the time and energy to source some of the best gaffers and grip crews in the world. When it comes time to film your production you can rest assure that we have the team in place to light your setting to perfection.

Production Assistants

Every aspect of a production is critical from the mundane tasks such as loading in equipment, setting up scenes, cleaning up, laying cable, to more vitals aspects as camera support assistance for camera cranes and dollies, lighting assistance, and sound assistance. Our team of trained PA’s have the qualities of a superior support staff. They are experienced and energized to do whatever task may arise to help support the entire production.

Teleprompter Operators

Companies and organizations looking for and efficient production day and increased value use professional teleprompter. You don’t need to worry about memorizing lines or losing your place because our team of trained operators will help you deliver your lines on cue. We use the latest in technology and solutions to provide a greater experience the day of filming.

Time-lapse Videos

Using the best technology available we provide High-dynamic-range (HDR) time-lapse videography services. Condensing an entire day, a couple hours or a few minutes into a time-lapse video can be just what your production needs to tell your story. When considering adding time-lapse photography to your production here are a few things that we thoughtfully evaluate: What are you wanting to shoot? What time of day? How long? What sort of story or effect are you wanting to achieve? Each of these questions help us frame the perfect shot.

Casting Directors

If you need on-camera talent to produce your video we have the casting directors you need to find the perfect talent. Reviewing resumes and managing auditions are just a few of the tasks that our team provides. We sort through the clutter and present our best options for the roles you need filled. Having the connection to multiple agencies helps make the arduous process of finding and hiring on-camera talent simple and easy.

Hair & Make up

Our resources for hair and makeup are extensive and have quite literally the best make up artist in Atlanta, GA on speed dial! From commercial on-camera talent to popular celebrities, our make up artists resources have been there on the set. Their experience is second to none and many celebrities only use them.

Wardrobe Stylists

While a lot of focus is on the story, camera equipment and on-camera talent, it would all be at a loss if the wrong wardrobe is selected. Our team of wardrobe stylists will make sure that you don’t arrive to film green screen while wearing a green tie. Having the right outfit is an essential piece of the production process that can make the difference from a professional video or not. We look forward to finding just the right wardrobe for your day of filming that will help tell your story.


Video Editing

After a successful video shoot, the footage is taken back to the editing bay and post production begins. The process of editing each of the segments of video footage, special effects and sound recordings is where your story comes to life. We don’t put a limit on revisions that can be made during your project. We guarantee 100% satisfaction before the video is considered complete.

Motion Graphics

Incorporating motion graphics and animations into your video is a great way to complement your existing video footage. Animated explainer videos are also excellent ways to describe a concept, product or service in a stand alone video. These graphics are used to showcase pieces of information that are not always easy to convey with traditional video footage.

Color Correction

We take the footage and correct the coloring. The hue and tone of the video footage can convey feelings and emotion. This is a perfect addition to your storytelling. Properly color correcting the video footage takes skill as well as artistic talent.

Music Scoring And Sound Design

Ever watched a silent movie? Yeah, we don’t really watch them either. It takes a lot to find the right music to complement your video. Sometimes we use music that has been precomposed and fits perfectly into the video. Other times we need a more custom approach and create a unique score just for that video. It always depends on the video project itself and your budget. Adding sound effects is typically incorporated into motion graphic and animated explainer videos.