How to Reach C-Level Executives: Use Video Marketing

In the business marketing world, you are going to come in contact with all levels of professionals. There are the small business owners who might have one or two employees, middle of the road office managers, who oversee a group of workers, and then there are the C-level executives. How do you get in front of and reach the C-Suite?

The elusive corporate executives who often run multi-million dollar businesses, have dozens, if not hundreds of employees under them and generally sit at the head of the board of directors (or at least is part of the board). Of course, with more money and a larger business comes more responsibility. This also means less time for smaller tasks such as reading emails and going over other non-essential content regarding the business.

So You Ask, How Do I Reach the Elusive CXO Audience?

If it is your goal to reach and attract the C-level executives, you need to focus your video marketing specifically on these professionals in such a way  that is different from other business owners.

This is not to say a small business owner is not busy, but they are generally more likely to make time for potential service pitches that can save them personally a good deal of money. With all of this to consider, you need to produce a video marketing campaign that is tailored superficially for these professionals executives.

Aim High: Zero in on Your Target C-Suite Audience

When pitching your information and material to C-level executives, you want to aim towards their level of business. It is immediately apparent who your target demographic is, so if you are trying to pitch both small business owners and C-level executives at the same time it just is not going to work. You want to show to these individuals your service can help a multi-million dollar company, not just a mom and pop store.

They want to hear your pitches in terms that interest them, so aim your video content directly at the large businesses. Besides, when producing video marketing material you really need to have different video messages for different demographics.

Speak Their Language: Create Video Content That Matters to Them

When producing C-level executive video marketing  content, you want to speak their language. The bottom line is ultimately the most important element for any executive in a major business. This is because they need to appease stock holders and other members of the board. If they don’t, they might eventually lose their job because of it.

What matters to CEO’s?

  1. How will this save me time?
  2. How will this save me money?
  3. How will this help me reach my goals of growing my business?

Point out how much money you can help them save and how quickly your services can help. Time and money are both key to C-level executives, so make sure to cover this.

Tell them how your product or service is going to solve these problems. Use video content to tell them. Why video marketing? They want it:

59% of C-level executives prefer to watch a video than read text.
(According to

Get to the Point

C-level executives value their time, so if you do not interest them in a very short window they simply are not going to watch the entire video. First, the initial video needs to be short. You just need to interest them and string them along to want and view the longer material.

Once you get them to watch your first piece of online video content, an average of 50% will look for more information and 45% report that they contacted a vendor after seeing an online video ad (


Your top of the funnel (attract phase) video marketing strategy is like a trailer for the actual movie. You want to interest them in seeing what else you have. This means present essential information that is really going to interest them (time and money) and by doing so at the beginning of the video. Grab hold of their attention and don’t lose it!

An executive is going to flip through videos, email marketing and other content rather quickly, they have a good amount of tasks to complete in a short period of time.

If you do not interest them in the few seconds they have your video on, they are just going to exit out and move on with it. Interest them right away, or you lose your shot.

We use a series of very short videos on our inbound marking services page (see it here). The videos are really quick snippets. They are 17 seconds, 26 seconds, 10 seconds, 51 seconds, and a longer about us video that’s 2 minutes. Overall it’s around 3 minutes, 30 seconds of video content but is short, easy to watch and fast to consume video content.



Conclusion Until Part 2

The moral of the story is that your video content for CEO’s needs to vary in length from super short (Under 20 seconds) to mid-range (2-3 minutes) , to long form (5 minutes to 30 minutes). The longer content would be videos like webinars, tutorial, and on-boarding videos. Speak with a professional video marketing agency if you have any questions about the length and type of videos you might want to create.

I hope you have learned a little today about how you can reach the c-suite executives using video marketing. I look forward to your feedback and discussion in the comments below. Please consider sharing this with a friend or collogue if you’ve found it useful!

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