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Our Mission:

Our mission is to help businesses grow by leveraging online video content as a major driving force to attract, engage, and convert visitors into leads and close more customers. We believe that inbound marketing is the best methodology to implement a video marketing campaign to grow a business.

Part of our process involves integrating your sales and marketing to reduce friction and wasted resources while increasing productivity and ROI.

A Profit-Driven Inbound Marketing Agency

We recognize the value, target specific outcomes and capture demand. All of this to help you achieve a better bottom line. We optimize your marketing dollars, help you better connect with customers, and together we see your returns grow dramatically.

Why Inbound? How we do Inbound

Data Driven & Buyer Focused Inbound Video Marketing

When we build an inbound marketing campaign centered around video marketing, we collect meaningful information about your prospects, leads and customers. That data provides us with relevant insight for each marketing decision we make. Gathering this information allows us to be  steps ahead of your prospects guiding them through their buyer journey we tactfully built. Ultimately they become your customer and love you for how easy you made it.

Why Inbound? How we do Inbound

Humanizing Your Digital Marketing with Video Content

We put the human back into your digital marketing strategy. People are attracted to your business because of your story. Video has been proven as the superior storytelling method that builds relationships. Allow your visitors to consume a stronger and quicker marketing message. Unleash the power of video inbound marketing.

How We Do Video Marketing Let’s Talk!

We Generate Leads & Achieve 7 Strategic Objectives

1. Build Brand Respect

2. Build Buyer Trust

3. Create Desire

4. Preempt Competitors

5. Build Brand Loyalty

6. Influence Buyer Decisions

7. Close More Sales

Wait, there’s more to marketing than just generating leads? Yes! We don’t stop at just increasing your leads. In addition to generating targeted leads and achieving your marketing goals and KPI’s, each element in our marketing campaign is focused on achieving seven strategic objectives. We build a sustainable sales funnel that makes your perfect buyers buy, and buy more often.

Why settle for average results?

Our methods outperform every other marketing tactic.


  • Video is 50x more likely to appear on the front page of Google search engine results. (Forester)

  • Video content can drive up to 9.3 times more traffic than standard text links. (ReelSEO)


  • Inbound generates 54% more leads than outbound. (HubSpot)

  • Video provides 400% higher engagement than static content. (Flimp.net)


  • There’s a 64% increase in a prospect’s propensity to buy from you after watching a video. (Internet Retailer)

  • Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. (Internet Retailer)


  • Customer churn can be avoided by simply listening to your customers. We build customer feedback into each campaign.

  • 92% of mobile video viewers surveyed said that they share mobile video content with others.(eMarketer)

Inbound Marketing Methodology

inbound marketing methodology

Grow Your Business With Inbound

What We Believe

We believe people deserve to hear your story.


Client Satisfaction You Can’t Ignore

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Steve Hanley

Digistrive Inc.
Having worked directly with David Caron for more than 2 years, it is a pleasure to recommend DCD. In my experience, David has an almost peerless ability to apply balance, pragmatism and mutual satisfaction in his approach to client relationships.

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Lina Correa

United Controls
I worked with David and his team on a marketing campaign for a small engineering firm and can tell you that they are awesome to work with. Our team was happy with the results.

dcd inbound marketing image thumbnail
Alphonso Ellis

Innovative Ideas & Solutions
David of DCD was the absolute right person for the job! I was so impress that I used them for my second project of which they delivered the same level of quality and service that I've come to know and respect them for!

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What is the True Definition of Video Marketing


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