Atlanta Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphic videos are perfect for any kind of business. When you have information, a special process or statistical data that needs to be presented in a concise and easy to grasp format, motion graphics videos are essential. Animated motion graphic videos are essential promo videos which present a perfect way to educate and establish your company as an industry leader.

An explainer video is a short video often only one or two minutes that introduces or explains a new product or company service. It describes the product or service and gives the customer a reason to want to buy the product or service.
Explainer videos are important tools to use in marketing with the rise of social media and sites like Facebook and YouTube. This type of corporate video is often watched by customers, vendors, and other executives. Individual explainer videos for specific products and services showcases what the company has to offer. An explainer video production in Atlanta helps sell the products or services that the company or business is based on.
Customers that visit the company website are more likely to buy a product after seeing a video. No matter what product or service the company sells videos are powerful sales tools. Short videos on products or services focus on the specific selling points conveying a powerful message to customers. When customers come to the website they often watch the videos. If they need or want the product or service they will often buy it then. These videos are often on viewed on websites, social networks or in emails.
An experienced video production company in Atlanta knows how to film new product videos for marketing effectiveness. Brief videos don’t lose the customers attention. Some videos are too long and boring. These videos are often on the website landing page so the customer will find them immediately.
There are different types like live action explainer videos where a company employee, customer, or actor shows how to use the product. Having real customers for a store or restaurant gives the consumer a sense of relating and connection. These videos often lack that fantasy factor that an animation would have. Animated explainer videos often are used for computer software, digital services like music, greetings cards, or printing, and services that are not easy to show or explain. They provide a better format for this type of product or services.
Some of these videos combine animation and live action. When producing an explainer video production in Atlanta choose a professional video company that know the latest techniques in making videos. The know how to film and market products for the home page of the website. Explainer videos are a great way to test and market new products or services.
Videos are designed to make it easy for customers or vendors to share information about the product. They can forward the video to friends and family through the website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and email. People like to share videos so an explainer video about a product or service will help you increase the customer base for the products and services that your company sells.
When looking for an explainer video production in Atlanta look for a company that knows the business. Explainer videos will increase sales when used in email or on a company website. These videos often increase website rank in search engines and engage customer interest more readily than text.