Online Video Adoption Soars: 50% of Online Traffic is Video?

50% of Internet Traffic is Video

The adoption of online video is a metric that marketers cannot ignore. When Cisco released an internet traffic study they have determined that 50% of internet traffic is going to be video. As a marketing agency and Atlanta video production company, our experience with clients using video has been a success. The statistics from leading research companies like comScore, Forester Research and eMarketer are hard to close an eye to. Has your business seen the rise in online video adoption among your competitors?


YouTube is a Major Player of Online Video Distribution and Consumption


YouTube is the online video giant mustering over 4 billion daily views. The amount of video content that is stored on their servers is astronomical. There are over 2.5 days worth of video uploaded every minute. This number is growing daily as more and more people use PCs, tablets, and mobile devices to share their videos online.


How can your business leverage online video to drive traffic, generate leads, and close sales?


75% of C-Suite executives surveyed said that they watch work-related online video content on business-related websites at least weekly. Does your inbound marketing strategy include video as a pillar of content creation? Depending on who you sell to, these numbers can be very exciting to marketers.


How Effective are Online Videos?


Thus far we have established that a lot of video content is being uploaded and watched online everyday but how effective is all of this online video? The following statistics support the use and effectiveness of video content online.

  • 400% higher engagement than static content
  • 2-3 times higher email click-thru rates with video
  • 64% increase in a prospect’s propensity to buy after watching video
  • 9% increase of time on website with video

Marketing videos can be leveraged across virtually any marketing channel. Online videos can bridge your website, mobile, landing pages, events, email marketing, QR codes, and social media marketing.


SEO Content Marketing Strategies are Influenced by Video on Google


Adopting online video into your marketing strategy can also help your content rank better on search engines. According to Forrester Research, an indexed video on Google  stands a 50 times greater chance of ranking on the first page results than any textual page.


Adopting Online Video Into Your Marketing Strategy


After seeing how rapidly video is being used by your competition in their marketing strategy, you should be convinced to add online video into your own marketing strategy. Consider your video goals and focus them on how to drive leads and conversions. We have an ebook titled 7 Steps to Online Marketing (with Video). This guide will help you get started and on the right track. When it comes time for your video production, we have an ebook guide for corporate video production as well. If you have any questions or comments please comment below, I’ll be quick to respond.

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