What Marketers Can Learn from The Greatest Speech Ever Made: Charlie Chaplin [VIDEO]

Every time I watch this video and listen to the speech I get goosebumps. Why? What is it that causes me to be moved so much? Is it his words? Is it his tone? Is it the music from the movie Inception? What is it that is causing me to react this way? Why do I even care how this makes me feel?

The words go straight to my core and resonate with my beliefs.

What can we learn from this video?

What can we as marketers learn from his words? I invite you to watch the video now if you have not done so already. Actually, what am I saying, of course you have watched the video, or a portion of it. I like listening to it with my speakers turned up loud. But seriously, what can we learn from this? Does our own marketing message resonate with people? Did your last marketing video give your prospects goosebumps? Are we so focused on our “greed” that we are more worried about talking about ourselves?

What story are we telling?

His words are telling us to unite behind a cause. To unite behind a movement. He is talking about the morals we have. Are we passionate enough about our business that we feel a moral obligation to tell people about it? What if your product or service could help a business become extremely successful. Would you be focused on selling your product? I’m not saying that you give it away but just change your mindset from one of “selling” to a mindset of “giving” and helping. Selling is a “me” focused approach. Giving the knowledge and resources for that business to understand how your product or service will help them become more successful. This quote sums up a lot of what I believe: “People will buy way faster because of who they are or want to be than because of what you sell.” – Chet Holmes

Get back to the WHY

We need to stop focusing on what they need (our product/service) and focus on WHY they need it. Why do I need to follow behind Charlie? Because he told me WHY. And I agree with what he was saying. I can relate with what he’s saying. It’s a story that pulls me in. Ask yourself “How does my marketing message make me feel?”

Take Away

If we believe that our business can help people then we have a responsibility to tell people about it. We have a responsibility to not be greedy and only worry about “selling” our product but really help people understand. I know that blogging and using video can help a business grow, I’ve seen it, I’ve done, it, we use it. What product or service do you offer that can genuinely help businesses?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments and if you liked what I have to say the best thank you to me is sharing it with a friend or colleague.

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