If I’m a SAAS Start-Up What Kind of Videos Would I Produce?

I’ve been fortunate to work with several start up businesses in many different industries that have leveraged video as part of their launch strategy. When thinking about what kind of videos we should produce, clients would often look at their competitors or what other businesses have launched with. I don’t necessarily believe that that’s the best way to determine what kind of video you need to create to launch. What if their research or the competitors research and decision for making that video is incorrect?

So today I want to review some different kinds of videos that if I were to start-up company, what kind of videos would I create to help me launch and market my business.

What I’m going to do to help show the videos that I would create for my start up is to choose a particular industry. Every industry is different there might be some overlap but for the most part what will pertain to one industry may not apply to another. For instance if you are a startup technology company and your target market is law firms then you are going to create video content that will appeal and be distributed on channels that legal professionals are going to be.

So I’m going to be talking about videos for start up SAAS technology companies that provide a service for attorneys.

The First Video

The very first video that I would create would be a short 45 seconds explainer video. This video would dive straight into the benefits of my service to my attorney clients. It would briefly explain how my service works. And it would include a call to action to sign up for a free 14 day or 30 day trial.

The video would be placed on my homepage above the fold and have directly below it a sign up now button as well as a setup a free demo button.

We would make the video concise and brief This is the first video that we want our newly arrived prospects to watch. The video would include the very best benefits and also speak directly to our legal professional persona.

The reason why I would want this to be the first video is because I want to give the most important information to my prospects as early on in the buying process as I can. Because if they watch this video and can see the benefits, then they are more likely to purchase my product.

I want them to convert into a customer after signing up for the demo.

The Next Video

The next video that I can would create would be a very simple walk-through video sometimes called a screen cast or a webinar style training video. This would explain how to get their demo set up and whatever kind of information that they need to put into the system in order to properly do whatever it is my service does.

This would be in place to complement a FAQ section or help section within the website but make it easily accessible, easy-to-use, and short. Hopefully the sign-up process and set up process is simple and doesn’t require a lot of data entry.

I would create this video because I want people to start using my demo. I want to reduce the friction for them to adopt and really try this software out. If I can get the right person using this software and seeing how they can have immediate value added to their law firm then I want to make it as easy as possible for them to do that and understand how to do that.

The Next Series of Videos

The next video or videos that I would create would be 7 benefit focused videos that would follow up every other day during the trial period. These videos would be very simple maybe only 60 seconds long and have a member of the staff explaining these different benefits of our product and service. The video content would be focused on the most common questions that my sales team is asked about our product and service. They would not only answer these questions that arise during the demo but show the benefit and focus on the value in that answer.

Now that I have my primary sales funnel middle of the final videos in place I would then create videos to attract my personas in the legal profession.

These videos would be middle of the range budget wise so something that either my internal team of my start up could produce by getting flip cam or even using the camera on my computer if I really needed to bootstrap the budget. Otherwise I would hire a production company to come film at my office for the day and I would produce 20 pieces of video content that answer the questions and solve the problems relating to my service that my personas are looking for online.

Now the videos that I mentioned previously (the website intro video and 7 sales funnel videos) I certainly would have used a professional video production company to create because my start up needs to focus on what we do best which is provide the best service for law firms.

Wrapping Up

So these are the videos that I would create if I were startup technology company focusing on law firms for my product or service. Each of these videos have a goal of providing value to my target market. None of these are meant to close the deal but they are there to support the sales process.

The sales process would include blogging, webinars, email marketing (email automation) and workflows.

Hope these video ideas help you get started leveraging video content. I should have another industry example published soon.

Please leave your questions and feedback in the comment section below. As always, if you have a question you’d like answered on this blog, email me and I’ll get it written up here. Have a great week!

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