How to Use Video at Every Step of Your Sales Lead Funnel to Nurture

Depending on where you are in your relationship with a potential lead you will behave differently with them. You wouldn’t try to make a huge sale with a lead who doesn’t even know your name. On the other hand you wouldn’t try to introduce yourself to a client that’s been doing business with you for years. Using this guide, integrating video in to your lead generation and nurturing strategy. The idea is to be able to effectively funnel the most hesitant lead into a returning customer. Today we are going to review how to use video in your sales lead funnel.

Using video as a method for selling is an effective client interaction for closing sales. Below I’ve broken down the video lead funnel into seven different steps going from a new lead, to a satisfied customer.

Sales / Lead Funnel Videos:

Video 1: Viral Videos

Viral video is the first type of video to be used on anyone that could potentially have interest in your company. Viral videos spread like a virus going out to as many people as possible. The idea is to try and reach the most people, and viral video is the biggest net available.

Video 2: Industry Statistics Video

Industry Statistic Videos are the second kind of video. This type of video is meant to narrow it down a little bit more for those fresh leads. It’s supposed to guide them into your industry, supplying benefits and reasons they need your company to succeed.

Video 3: Website Welcome Videos

Now that we have them interested in your industry it’s time to introduce them to your company. A website welcome video will introduce your company giving them an inside glimpse at what the core values of your company.

Video 4: Email Welcome/ Intro Videos

This type of video should be used after a lead has decided that your company may have something to offer them. They’ve either signed up for your mailing list, or they clicked through multiple pages on your site and have an interest in potentially buying from you one day. This video needs to display even more reasons they should go with your company.

Video 5: Product E-commerce Videos

Product E-commerce videos are meant to showcase a particular product that a lead is interested in purchasing. These videos are extremely affective at convincing a lead that your product is right for them. Product videos show your product/service in action, and give the viewer the benefit of seeing how things work.

Video 6: Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonial videos are what help establish that strong brand for your company. They should be used to reassure a lead as they get closer to buying. It boosts confidence to see and hear other reputable persons like the viewer talking about how much they like your product/service.

Video 7: Thank You Videos

Thank you videos are used to thank a client for making a purchase. They are extremely affective in reminding them that you’re still there for them long after the purchase providing continuing care and support for them. Also a thank you video is a good reminder that you’re still open for business after they’ve bought from you.

In summary these are the seven different types of video. Each type can be very affective in its own way if you use them correctly. Remember to start from the top of the funnel and work your way down. Using these seven types can lead to some excellent results. This funnel is one indicator that clients want reassurance before they purchase and video is the way to give them that confidence they need to make that final decision.  If you’re located in Atlanta, Ga and require a professional video production company in Atlanta, contact us now.

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