Google +1 Facebook Like – What They Mean To Your Business

The Google +1 and the Facebook Like statistics are out!

What does this mean for your business? How does the Google +1 and Facebook Like impact your traditional and social search? How does it benefit your business? These questions and more will be answered.

The Google +1:Google-Plus-1-Button-for-Websites

Search Engine Optimization should be a priority on your marketing strategy. Google is the leading search engine so it’s only appropriate that you strive to rank highest on Google search results with your keywords. The Google +1 now impacts how your page will rank with Google.

Socially, the Google +1 is a great way for your customers, clients and friends to recommend or give their stamp of approvalon your product or service.

You will notice in your own search results the recommendations of others using the Google +1. I personally go to those websites first, simply because my friend or colleague clicked the +1. I also click the +1 button as well for sites that I like or find useful.

So, the key is to get a lot of people excited about your product or service and get those +1’s. Because while Facebook has a huge consumer base, they are not there searching for your product or service but reading recommendations that (for the most part) are not what they are looking for. The bottom line is that people search using search engines and people get social using social media.

I know that I’ve rambled on quite a bit. Back to the topic at hand…


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The Facebook Like:facebook-like-icon

This is a really awesome tool for small businesses to capitalize on people’s rampant desire to talk, share, recommend and whatever about something they like. It tells me right away that whomever was looking at this either was required to like it for something free, a coupon of some sort, or because they just might have actually found it useful.

Depending on each user’s Facebook privacy settings, the pages, websites, photos, videos, comments they like/recommend will be indexed in search engines. This can play a role in your marketing and SEO campaigns.

Needless to say there are some very exciting statistics for those “likers” and “recommenders” out there.

73% percent of online adults participate weekly or more.

These “active” social media users turn to social media more often than traditional media sources.

54% of Women use social media to recommend a product or service.

41% of Woman use social media to find recommendations and advice.

So with that said, why don’t you have social media sharing/recommending/tweeting buttons on your website? Are you part of the 50% of top 10,000 websites that still haven’t done so?

Facebook Like and Google +1 Statistics:

“Less than 50% of the top 10000 websites have links to either of the two major social networks (Facebook and Twitter) on their front pages.”

“Adoption of the recently released Google +1 button jumped by 33% since the second half of June reaching well over 4% of the websites analyzed.”

“Nearly 11% adoption rates enjoyed by the Facebook Like Button.”

Facebook leads with 47% of top websites linking to it from their front pages. Twitter follows with close to 42% of sites linking back to it from their front pages. adoption-statistics-social-media-plugins

Special thanks to Brightedge for the report 2011 (available here).