8 Great Tips to Website Landing Page Success

A landing page is meant to serve your website visitor so they can obtain the information they want easily and quickly. A landing page also helps your company because it produces leads. Here are eight tips that will help your landing page produce potential clients, and help make your landing pages informative.

  1. Landing Page Titles Are Important
    You should come up with a catchy and informative title- Make sure your message is clear, and that your visitors know what they are signing up for before they sign up. A title is the first thing they see, and will either draw or turn away visitors.
  2. Call to Action
    You need to have a strong call to action. Make sure to highlight the value your visitors will be getting, and help them see the incentive behind signing up.
  3. Don’t Distract Visitors
    Keep your landing pages clear and to the point. A landing page serves the purpose of producing a lead for your company; you don’t want any clutter distracting visitors from signing up. Avoid to much information in sidebar and try to keep the page clean and precise.
  4. Simple Contact Form Design
    Make sure your forms are simple. This means only ask for information that you need. Try to build your form from your users point of view.
  5. Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!
    Make sure that after they’ve signed up they can easily download your material, and be polite, while letting them know you appreciate their interest. This is a place where they can learn how to contact you, and you can guide them through the next steps. Thank you pages are great places for thank you videos and company overview videos.
  6. Consistent follow-up
    Now that they’ve filled out the form it’s time to follow up. Build and grow relationship with them, don’t just try to make a sale.
  7. Analyze, Test and Test Again
    Make sure to track and analyze the success you’re having with your landing pages. This will help to improve your landing pages, while improving you visitor’s experience as well.

There you have it. Eight tips to effective landing pages. Don’t forget you want to educate while providing incentive for visitors to take interest in your products/services.