7 Ways to Generate More Clients from Your Website

Generating more clients is key for your b2b business to grow. Often your website is a static brochure that doesn’t even describe well what you provide. What if your website was your best sales representative? He/she would work around the clock, responding to the demands of prospects and leads? You can have this super sales rep in no time if you take these 7 ways to generate more clients from your website to heart. Lets dive in.

#1: Identify Your Client Acquisition Goals

You’ll hear me speak often about how marketing tactics without a strategy is pointless. I can’t encourage you enough to sit down and actually write down your client acquisition goals. This you can then develop your strategy around achieving this goal. Without a goal you’re going to go in a lot of directions and waste a lot of time. Nobody likes to waste time and this is why if you do this first step and write down it down, you will 76 percent more likely to accomplish your goal.

#2: Analyze Your Website

When you’re ideal client visits your website, what is the first thing that they see? What information are you presenting to your prospects? Is the content a mess all over the page? Is the website easy to navigate? Does it work well on a mobile device? Depending on your website audit you’ve just performed you’ll likely agree that you need to improve. Your website is often times the first impression that your prospect will have of your business. If something is out of place, missing, or not showing up properly, you’ll not be giving the type of impression that you need to.

#3: Create Lead Generating Offers

Offers are pieces of valuable content from which your prospect can benefit. They come in many shapes and sizes such as ebooks, coupons, webinars, or guides. You can see from a previous article a full list of 20 inbound marketing offers you can create right now (video). This is how you can generate leads. You give them this information for free and they give you their online currency: personal contact information. From here you’ll be able to nurture them into a client!

#4: Start Blogging on a Schedule

Generating more inbound traffic is key to increasing your leads. This also helps you build a long lasting snowball effect online presence. Each blog post and article builds your library of expertise and gives your prospects an additional avenue for finding your website. Did you know that blogging can generate 55% more traffic? How about that blogging can generate you 88% more leads? This is some encouraging news but that’s not all. Blogging gives you a pulpit to showcase your expertise. This is what’s most important with a blog and the leads will flow in. Don’t let the excitement of generating a lot of content and letting a schedule dictate the quality of your blogs. The quality standards that we adhere to for blogging are: is it worth writing, reading, and sharing? If its yes, yes, yes, then its great content.

#5: Add Social Media Sharing Options To Your Website

Now that you’re developing all of this great blog content you need to make it easy for your visitors to share it. There are a lot of fancy plugins for wordpress that make adding the social sharing buttons to every page very simple but if not, you’ll need either a social media consultant or web developer to install them. The most important b2b social media sharing buttons that you should include on your website are LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and if you’re posting a lot of photos, Pinterest. Facebook is good too but it’s not indexed by Google and your b2b clients might not be on there as much. (Every business is different so consult your inbound marketing strategy before making any decisions).

#6: Share Your Blog Post on Social Media

So your prospects are reading and sharing your content that they find on search engines and the next part is for you to share your content. Since LinkedIn is more of a b2b social networking website that’s the first place I’d start. Share your blogs on your personal feed and also your company’s LinkedIn feed. You can further expand your reach by sharing your content on a LinkedIn group. I share articles there all the time and they can generate quite the conversation! Don’t forget that this isn’t the place to sell your services but share your knowledge. Share your content on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook as well.

#7: Add a Newsletter or Blog Subscription Sign Up Form

Keeping your visitors engaged is essential to moving them from a prospect to a client. Incorporating a newsletter or blog subscription form can increase your subscriber base rapidly. Sending them emails on a regular schedule will keep them engaged and your business on the top of their mind. You’ll further increase the likelihood that they will return to your website and download one of your offers or share your content with their peers.


Overall your website holds huge potential for helping you get more clients. I hope that you can take these simple steps and generate more clients from your website today! I’m looking forward to answering your questions and hearing your feedback in the comments below. Enjoy!

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photo credit: zerge