3 Reasons Your Company Should Adapt to Increased Usage of Mobile Websites

Utilize Responsive Web Design

This means web pages that utilize adaptive layouts according to viewing environments. Large or small screens won’t matter when the pictures and grids on your web page change with the size of the window displaying them. We designed for our friends at Digistrive’s responsive website design. Now their site looks great on all devices, with screens large or small.  Responsive website design is an especially interesting when you shrink your own web page on your computer to see what it looks like on a mobile device. Try pulling it up on your computer and shrinking the window down. Or load it up on you mobile device and see how it works.

Nobody Likes Side Scrolling on your Website

At one point or another just about everyone’s had to awkwardly reposition themselves in a window by swiping left, right, and left again. It feels like trying to hang up a picture that’s crooked. It’s just a hassle. The problem with not having a mobile optimized web page is that when your audience views your page from their mobile device they’re going to be zoomed way in. Everything’s going to look huge in comparison with their screen, and worst of all they’re going to feel dissatisfied.

Your Website Represents Your Company – Good Feelings or Bad Feelings

Whether your clientele love their mobile devices or not, they’re going to want to be able to view your webpage on it. If they love their device, and can’t pull up your web page they’re going to be unhappy. They’re immediately going to think you pulled a “You must be this tall” sign out, that they never saw coming. If your potential client dislikes their mobile device they’re going to think your website is just another part of the problem. You’re less likely to gather leads and convert them to clients – all because they couldn’t easily complete a contact form or dial your phone number.

If you want to see how often people use their mobile devices online everyday scroll through Facebook statuses and look for “posted via mobile.” I was surprised at the number of my friends using their phones on Facebook. This gives an interesting insight into how many people are willing to use mobile devices on Facebook, just think if we could pull them away from Facebook and onto your web page, you’d have tons of new leads… just as long as your site is mobile optimized that is.

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