3 Essential Website Requirements for Generating More Sales Leads

Throughout the year, companies need to assess their website against three essential lead generating requirements. As you know the internet marketing environment is changing every day however the fundamentals of lead generating websites remain consistent. A website needs to be focused on these three elements and then have everything move down the priority list from there. Your website needs to attract visitors, provide a superior user experience, and of course, have the ability to capture leads. Generating more sales leads is the bread and butter of a website.

Attracting More Visitors to Your Website

What is the point of having a website unless people are viewing it? A website without traffic is like a river without water. You’re left with a barren wasteland and zero growth. How do you increase the flow of visitors to your website? Many B2B and B2C companies are finding that blogging significantly increasing their website traffic. According to HubSpot, B2B companies that blog receive 53% more visitors than businesses that do not. Needless to say, creating content has a major impact on your website traffic.Social media is another method for increasing exposure and traffic to your website. Sharing your blog content across multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will attract more visitors.

Provide A Superior User Experience

Once you have a good handle on attracting website visitors, it’s key to have them remain on your website. Consider what other things you can do to provide value to your reader. Do you offer images or photos from in your blog articles? Do you provide free resources or downloads that complement your articles? Are you using videos or sideshows to showcase your expertise? Is your website easy to navigate or do you provide related article suggestions that can keep your visitor on your website? Is your website cluttered with advertisements? If you answered yes to that, what can you do to keep the ads but clean them up at the same time? As you can see, there are a lot of ways that you can give your website visitors another reason to stay on your website or to keep coming back.

Capture leads with your website

Generating sales qualified leads is an essential requirement for your company’s website. This can be accomplished in many ways. Going back to adding value to your visitors time on your website is the offer. Having an offer is where lead generation begins.

What kind of offers can you create?

  • ebook
  • whitepaper
  • guide
  • cheat sheet / tip sheet
  • assessment


There are definitely more types of content you can create as offers but this lists a few. Take these offers and build out CTA’s, Landing Pages, and Forms. Using this style of marketing is an effective way to generate more leads from your website.

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Attract Visitors, Superior Visitor Experience, & Capture Leads

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