What’s going to make my Youtube video stand out?

Linking Youtube, Facebook and Twitter is an excellent way to get noticed, but this alone isn’t going to cut it. Solely because you get a potential client to click on your video doesn’t mean they are going to stay and watch it. People want instant gratification and the second they’re bored, they’re gone, onto the next page. You could have the absolute best product, but a horrible video isn’t going to sell it.

To draw initial viewers keep your videos short and sweet, get to the point and persuade your viewers to get on with buying your product. You want them to go from your Youtube video to “proceed to check out.” This means producing videos that are no longer than sixty seconds. Human attention span (concerning Youtube videos) drops drastically after sixty seconds.

Aside from keeping a reasonably short length the video content itself is what has to truly set you above. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Human beings have a natural curiosity about each other; utilize this to help clients see the human aspect of your company. Along with your main message try to cross reference personal experience to make your product relatable.

Using true-life experiences in advertising, to tell a story, is going to help clients identify with your company on a personal level. Relatable means likeable, and that means more Facebook tags and posts which means more and more Youtube views.

Also be as specific as possible. At the same time provide useful information with real substance. People want to be sold on the idea that they have to watch this video because they have to have this product. IE it has to be relevant.

So, keep your videos short and to the point, make them relatable, and be specific.

Source: 11 Infographics about Video Production and Internet Marketing

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