The Supersonic Jump Explodes Online

The Supersonic Jump Explodes Online

On Sunday October 14th Felix Baumgartner jumped out of the space capsule from 128,100 feet (24.26 miles) above Roswell, New Mexico. He successfully broke the sound barrier, and provided the world with some awesome pictures, video footage, and feedback on what it was like to jump. With the way people use the internet today to create memes, write blogs, create video, and connect in many other ways you can see how Felix’s jump has been such a sensation. Below I’ve compiled some humorous and not so humorous memes that show one way people have responded to the jump. 

Not all of the memes and videos are solely meant to be funny. A lot of them show the immensity of a fete like jumping from space, relishing in how awesome it would be to jump. I especially enjoy this video of a son’s train going into space.

There has also been a lot of negative feedback with a common quote being “That awkward moment you realize an energy drink has a better space program then your nation.” This phrase is all over the internet right now, and has generated a lot of negativity about the United States’ space program.











It’s interesting to see the different ways an event like this will manifest itself on the internet, and this only shows that there is real power in what proper online advertising can do. Red Bull invested a lot of time and money in a strong internet campaign, and it’s payed off. Felix Baumgartner has become an internet sensation, and world wide celebrity, not by simply jumping into space, but also by creating such a strong online presence before during and after the jump. It’s especially evident when you go to Felix’s Facebook page. He has over a million fans, and has tons of photos videos and content online to promote his own well being, and that of Red Bull as well. Here’s a picture of Felix before the jump straight from his own Facebook page. 

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