Is Freshness an Important SEO Signal for Website Content? [VIDEO]

The simple answer is yes. There’s no question that freshness is important for the success of your website. We’re talking about fresh, new website content that’s relevant to your niche market. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts such as the repurposing of existing content with a few rewrites here and there.

Repurposing existing content won’t produce the desired results, nor can it perform in this highly competitive marketplace. You need something that’s effective, something that sends a recognizable and powerful signal to the search engines. And, that something is freshness.

How Time Consuming is This Process?

This is a common question. The creation of new content is time consuming since a careful analysis of existing content needs to be completed prior to the development of new content. Atlanta content marketing has to be very carefully crafted in order to achieve the desired end result. Whether we like it or not, unique, fresh content is an ongoing SEO process that will deliver ROI plus bottom line results. And frankly, bottom line results is what it’s all about.

Simply put, fresh written content sends a signal to search engines alerting them to the fact that there’s new information. It’s a key component of today’s powerful search engine optimization tools. (SEO), brand building techniques and website growth. This provides a means to increase your website traffic, attract new customers, and new local customers. It’s simply not something that you cannot afford to ignore.

How Does Freshness Send a Signal To Search Engines?

It may seem confusing at first, but the evolution of SEO content marketing offers so many positive advantages. It’s part of what we call pull marketing vs. push marketing. That SEO process gives you the distinct advantage of attracting customers/clients with a powerful, but subtle approach.

As an Atlanta content marketing company, we can carefully fine tune your targeting needs with a great deal of precision regardless of your business niche. We utilize the very latest available technology, and we also stay on top of the latest trends in order to propel your company and your brand to the top.

When you have a moment, you might find this YouTube video helpful.