[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Media Marketing Re-Explained

The photo that has spread across the internet with a viral effect is an effective way of explaining social media for anyone. We will go point by point and explain in further detail what this all means.

Facebook: “I like Donuts” Facebook is a social networking website that gives an impression of who people are based on what they like, who their friends with, and what they do.

 Foursquare: “This is where I eat donuts.” Foursquare.com is a website where you and your friends tag different places or businesses they like. The idea is that foursquare.com makes recommendations on what you and your friends like in order to try and service you based on your needs. The main goal of Foursquare.com is to connect people through the internet, based on their common needs.

 Twitter: “I am eating a Donut” Twitter is where people can post (tweet) what they’re currently doing and their followers will be instantly informed. This is an interesting idea because Twitter is all about reposting (retweeting), “favoriting,” or replying to what other people have already put up. There has been a big surge in the growth of small businesses using twitter as a snowball effect to get their names out there.

Instagram: “Here’s a vintage photo of my donut” Instagram is where people take photos on their iPhones, customize the photo, and then send it out to Facebook Twitter or Flickr. It’s an attempt at  customizing photos and sharing them.

Youtube: “Here I am eating a Donut” Youtube is a website where people post their videos and they can make their way to Facebook and other social media networks through Youtube.

Linkdin “My skills include eating a donut” Linkdin is a social networking website people can post their resumes and job skills on in order to make connections in today’s business world.

Pinterest: “Here’s a donut recipe” Pinterest is a website where people post things they like, in the form of pictures and videos. It is similar to Twitter except that it is mainly photo and video based.

LastFM “Now listening to donuts” Lastfm is where people post what they’re currently listening to from the website on the website. It’s like listening to internet radio, and telling people what you’re listening to at the same time.

GooglePlus “I’m a Google Employee who eats donuts” Google+ is a social media network with a  focus on the different circle friends can be categorized in. This is interesting because it lets you personalize where your friends go in a concise and clean manner.

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