7 Tips for Better Content Marketing

As content marketing increases in popularity we could all use some tips to improve our content. Any business that wants to leverage their internet presence needs to have truly remarkable content. Use these 10 tips to get the most from your marketing. We use these exact tips in all our content marketing strategy and have seen amazing results. Besides, you’re reading this article so you are proof that great content drives great readers.

Create a Content Marketing Calendar

A major struggle that content writers have when they first get started is writing content on a consistent level. Using a calendar is the cornerstone to your inbound marketing foundation. We use a template developed for our content marketing calendar.

Tell a Story with Each Article

Why do people enjoy reading books, watching movies, and sitting around campfires? Because we love stories. They incorporate a beginning, middle, and end. The author also develops the characters and reveals the twists and turns as the story progresses. Try and do the same with each article that you write. Including a personal story or one that you’ve heard in your next article can go a long way to captivating your readers.

Speak to Your Audience

When crafting your articles make sure that you’re writing for your audience. This goes for everything including the topics you write about as well as the title of the article. Write about your prospective client or customer interests. Solve their problems and answer their questions. If your target market is C-Level executives then write how they like to read.

Use a Content Focused Blog Design

There’s nothing worse than clicking on an interesting title in the search results and landing on a website that is hard to read. The content is full of coding errors that make it difficult to read. Design your blog to focus on the content and ensure that it is free from coding errors.

Share Your Content Across Your Current Network

There’s no better way to increase your readership base then to share your content with your existing network. Share your content via email, social media channels like: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. It’s an easy way to get your content out there and distributed.

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Grow an Army of Content Contributors

You don’t need to take on the entire internet alone! Discovering content contributors that understand how to truly guest post and provide non spammy content is a perfect way to decrease your content lead. Using contributors will also diversify your content and writing style broadening your audience. You’d be surprised how many talented writers are looking for a platform to showcase their expertise.

Write Your Blog Content for Skimming

Next time you visit a blog, watch what you do. Odds are you land on the page because the topic interested you. You then scroll all the way down to the bottom and then scroll back up. What you’re looking for are headers that catch your attention and deliver you what you’re looking for. Make your content easily skim-able and you’ll see your readership base grow and social shares increase.


These simple tips for better content marketing should help you market better and draw in your desired leads. After all, writing better content will deliver you the prospects and quality leads that your business needs to be successful. I’d love to hear your questions in the comments below or any additional tips you’d be willing to share!

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