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7 Ways to Generate More Clients from Your Website

Generating more clients is key for your b2b business to grow. Often your website is a static brochure that doesn’t even describe well what you provide. What if your website was your best sales representative? He/she would work around the clock, responding to the demands of prospects and leads? You can have this super sales […]

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8 Tips to Optimize Your Website Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

A landing page is meant to serve your website visitor so they can obtain the information they want easily and quickly. A landing page also helps your company generate leads. The online currency of personal contact information is exchanged for some type of valuable offer that will help the “purchaser”. Here are eight tips that […]

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43 Mobile Web and Mobile Device Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind!

Ever wonder if your company should have a mobile presence? Look no further, here are 43 mobile web and mobile device statistics that will blow your mind! We have complied these mobile statistics from a series of infographics we have gathered. Enjoy using them in your next report to stimulate some action around your mobile […]

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3 Essential Website Requirements for Generating More Sales Leads

Throughout the year, companies need to assess their website against three essential lead generating requirements. As you know the internet marketing environment is changing every day however the fundamentals of lead generating websites remain consistent. A website needs to be focused on these three elements and then have everything move down the priority list from […]

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3 Reasons Why We Went with a Responsive Website Design vs Mobile Site

Here at DCD an Inbound Marketing Agency in Atlanta, we have been asked many times why we went with a responsive website vs a mobile website. After considering many factors we narrowed it down to 3 key reasons why a responsive design worked better for our business than a dedicated mobile website. I’m here today […]

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How These 3 Homepages Are Designed to Convert Visitors Into Leads

Answering the question, how to convert visitors into leads, should be the first goal of every website design. In my opinion this is something that is often overlooked by designers as well as marketers. I wanted to write this article in order to simplify things and offer a bit of inspiration. Here are 3 examples […]

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Does Google Like Single-page Website Designs?

Single-page website designs are becoming increasingly popular–as responsive website design become easier to implement (it’s becoming a standard in Atlanta web-design circles). But, the question I continually hear (and not just about this topic) is: “Will Google penalize you for doing it?”  Yeah, you can watch the video, where Matt Cutts says: “If you run […]

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How To Not Lose Your Mind When Making Website Redesign Goals

How to make website redesign goals? It’s seems like every year, someone is talking about how they are going crazy setting goals for their website redesign. Understandably, if you have a rather large website, you can spend a lot of time worrying about the look and feel of every page. While the look of each page […]

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8 Great Tips to Website Landing Page Success

A landing page is meant to serve your website visitor so they can obtain the information they want easily and quickly. A landing page also helps your company because it produces leads. Here are eight tips that will help your landing page produce potential clients, and help make your landing pages informative. Landing Page Titles […]

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4 Steps To Beautifully Effective Website Design

We will discuss 4 steps to beautifully effective website design. We have detailed explanations for each step to aid in creating an effective website that will generate leads and close more sales, increasing your revenue and profits! Step 1: Get Found online Everybody wants their website to prosper, and getting found online is the key […]

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Mobile Websites: How People Shop In-Store on Smartphones

There are a couple of different ways people use their Smartphones to shop; they use them in-store, at home, and on the go. In the following paragraphs I supply information and comments on how people shop using their phones. Comparison Shopping with Mobile Devices: In-store shoppers use their Smartphones to access a variety of information, […]

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How E-Commerce Videos Increase ROI From Your Business Website

With the advent of Social Media it seems like everyone is using the internet to watch and share online video. It’s true; currently 96% of internet users watch online video ( Video also reaches a young audience with 18-29 Year Old Adult internet users as the highest consumers of online video ( With the vast […]

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