If I’m a SAAS Start-Up What Kind of Videos Would I Produce?

If I'm a SAAS Start-Up What Kind of Videos Would I Produce?

I’ve been fortunate to work with several start up businesses in many different industries that have leveraged video as part of their launch strategy. When thinking about what kind of videos we should produce, clients would often look at their competitors or what other businesses have launched with. I don’t necessarily believe that that’s the best way to determine what kind of video you need to create to launch. What if their research or the competitors research and decision for making that video is incorrect?

So today I want to review some different kinds of videos that if I were to start-up company, what kind of videos would I create to help me launch and market my business.

What I’m going to do to help show the videos that I would create for my start up is to choose a particular industry. Every industry is different there might be some overlap but for the most part what will pertain to one industry may not apply to another. For instance if you are a startup technology company and your target market is law firms then you are going to create video content that will appeal and be distributed on channels that legal professionals are going to be.

So I’m going to be talking about videos for start up SAAS technology companies that provide a service for attorneys.

The First Video

The very first video that I would create would be a short 45 seconds explainer video. This video would dive straight into the benefits of my service to my attorney clients. It would briefly explain how my service works. And it would include a call to action to sign up for a free 14 day or 30 day trial.

The video would be placed on my homepage above the fold and have directly below it a sign up now button as well as a setup a free demo button.

We would make the video concise and brief This is the first video that we want our newly arrived prospects to watch. The video would include the very best benefits and also speak directly to our legal professional persona.

The reason why I would want this to be the first video is because I want to give the most important information to my prospects as early on in the buying process as I can. Because if they watch this video and can see the benefits, then they are more likely to purchase my product.

I want them to convert into a customer after signing up for the demo.

The Next Video

The next video that I can would create would be a very simple walk-through video sometimes called a screen cast or a webinar style training video. This would explain how to get their demo set up and whatever kind of information that they need to put into the system in order to properly do whatever it is my service does.

This would be in place to complement a FAQ section or help section within the website but make it easily accessible, easy-to-use, and short. Hopefully the sign-up process and set up process is simple and doesn’t require a lot of data entry.

I would create this video because I want people to start using my demo. I want to reduce the friction for them to adopt and really try this software out. If I can get the right person using this software and seeing how they can have immediate value added to their law firm then I want to make it as easy as possible for them to do that and understand how to do that.

The Next Series of Videos

The next video or videos that I would create would be 7 benefit focused videos that would follow up every other day during the trial period. These videos would be very simple maybe only 60 seconds long and have a member of the staff explaining these different benefits of our product and service. The video content would be focused on the most common questions that my sales team is asked about our product and service. They would not only answer these questions that arise during the demo but show the benefit and focus on the value in that answer.

Now that I have my primary sales funnel middle of the final videos in place I would then create videos to attract my personas in the legal profession.

These videos would be middle of the range budget wise so something that either my internal team of my start up could produce by getting flip cam or even using the camera on my computer if I really needed to bootstrap the budget. Otherwise I would hire a production company to come film at my office for the day and I would produce 20 pieces of video content that answer the questions and solve the problems relating to my service that my personas are looking for online.

Now the videos that I mentioned previously (the website intro video and 7 sales funnel videos) I certainly would have used a professional video production company to create because my start up needs to focus on what we do best which is provide the best service for law firms.

Wrapping Up

So these are the videos that I would create if I were startup technology company focusing on law firms for my product or service. Each of these videos have a goal of providing value to my target market. None of these are meant to close the deal but they are there to support the sales process.

The sales process would include blogging, webinars, email marketing (email automation) and workflows.

Hope these video ideas help you get started leveraging video content. I should have another industry example published soon.

Please leave your questions and feedback in the comment section below. As always, if you have a question you’d like answered on this blog, email me and I’ll get it written up here. Have a great week!

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The Importance of Hiring a Full-service Video Production Company

The Importance of Hiring a Full-service Video Production Company

Hiring the right full-service video production company is the most critical decision you will make when creating a video marketing piece for your organization. You will want a company that not only has the skills and equipment to deliver a quality product, but also want them to share your vision. You may even need them to help you develop your vision.

If you are in search of a corporate video production company in Atlanta, here are seven questions to ask them before making a final decision.

7 Questions to Ask a Full-Service Video Production Company Before Getting Started

Ask About Current Projects 

Asking about a video company’s current projects does several things. It lets you know how busy the video production company’s schedule currently is, it will give you an indication of the type of projects the company takes on. This will give them a chance to elaborate on the videos that they have currently in production.  Rather than letting them focus on some award-winning project they may have done four years ago, this gives you insight into what type of the day-to-day projects the company is involved with.

Ask Them In What Areas They Specialize

Like individuals, companies tend to excel at projects they enjoy. Ask them what type of projects they feel they are best at and in which they consider themselves to have expertise. Ask for examples and specifics about why they consider themselves experts in those areas. Not all production companies are great at everything. Depending on your production budget you might need to work with a production company that hasn’t produced a video like the one you’re trying to make. You might be able to get a price reduction if they are looking to buildout their video portfolio.

Ask Them Their Definition Of A “A Full-Service Video Production Company”

This will give you a good idea of what you can expect them to take care of and what areas you may need to hire additional help. Do they have access to professional writers? Do they have the appropriate lighting and video equipment? Do they have a selection of licensed background music available? What are their special effects and graphic capabilities? Will they work with your schedule or do you need to work around theirs?

Ask Them What Is Included In Their Pricing And What May Cost Extra

Since every project is unique, it is not unusual for a video production company to have add-ons. However, you don’t want to get involved with a company that is looking for ways to up-sell your project. Have an honest conversation with them about what parts of your project they can produce in-house and what areas will need outsourcing. Some elements of the project might benefit from the collaboration of several production resources and companies. Make sure that your production company is willing to consider the possibilities of an extended team to get the job done right.

Ask What You Will Get As A Final Product 

This may not be as cut and dry as you first think. Will you own the rights to the completed project? Who owns the rights to the raw footage? How can you be assured your raw footage won’t be used in some unrelated project? What forms will the completed video be presented to you? What type of guarantee of satisfaction do they offer? Knowing the answers ahead of time will help set the appropriate expectations for both parties.

Will They Help You Implement The Distribution Of Your Video? 

Do they have expertise in video marketing? What can they do to help you get exposure for your video? What do they know about marketing videos online?

Most video production companies do not help with marketing your video content. Usually they’ll help you upload your approved video content to YouTube or Vimeo but that’s about it. You might not even want your video production company to be involved in this space if they do not offer a dedicated video marketing service.

You don’t expect a car manufacturing plant to market the car.  For this reason, you wouldn’t necessarily want the production company handling your video marketing.

What Are Their Expectations From You?

Will you need to provide the final script? Will you need to be available during all of the filming? Who recruits the people or talent seen in the video? Most of the time, production companies are very accommodating. They want to win your business and will go above and beyond to make sure that you’re a satisfied customer. At least that’s what we at DCD Agency believe.


Having the answers to these questions will give you a better idea of what is in store for you during your project. If you have any other questions, I would encourage you to connect with me on Twitter or leave your feedback/question in the comments below!

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How Video Content Marketing Enhances Your Content Marketing Efforts


How Can Videos Enhance Your Content Marketing Efforts?

The Power of Video

Considering how much video is a part of our lives, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a viable commercial technology for a little more than seventy years or so. However, our penchant for moving images makes video a powerful choice to include in any effective content marketing strategy.

Today, successful Internet marketers understand the effectiveness of video content marketing as a win-win proposition. According to eMarketer, 93 percent of the major online marketers employ video content marketing. This popularity is based on your ability to get across a message effectively and cost-effectively with various types of video applications.

At the same time, search engine algorithms put a lot of weight on video, enhancing web visibility and organic search results. Visitors may spend only a microsecond on a site page, but multiple seconds and minutes watching a video. These SEO benefits increase both inbound marketing results and conversion rates. Video marketing should be an integral element of any marketing strategy.

There are two key elements to contemplate when developing your video SEO strategy. These include both the types of videos you create and how you use them.

Types of Videos

Modern video production provides amazing economies to any user. Even the most inexpensive video recorders today provide incredible quality in almost any situation. While video production quality is important, it isn’t necessary to use professionals to add a little lighting and achieve fully acceptable results.

When evaluating your content marketing, keep video content marketing in mind for:

  • Webinars. Not only are webinars great the first time around, they can be posted for endless replay. Imbedding webinar links in tweets, posts and emails also impacts inbound marketing results
  • Testimonials. These powerful clips are especially useful for geo keywords. If your business covers several cities, use videos from each city and tag/link them accordingly
  • Blogging. Many people who don’t consider themselves writers can produce powerful video blogs. They can also be used within standard blogs for their SEO impact. Again, these offer a great opportunity for inbound links to post.
  • Press releases. You’ll find a lot of info out there about the use of press releases. You can create a sense of an event when you create a video explaining a press release. Don’t just read the written release; include some interview and video of the subject of the release, such as a product, service or a location.
  • Product demos and installations. Your video content marketing should always include extensive videos covering your products. You simply can’t produce too many videos showing your product, how it’s manufactured, installed, used, etc. The tags and keywords involved are rich for video SEO value
  • Be creative. The above are only starting points. Video is, as they say, limited only by your imagination.

Key Video Content Marketing Tips

While all the normal SEO rules apply to your videos, including tags and keywords in their descriptions, there are a few extra steps you can take to increase views and their usefulness to inbound marketing efforts.

Here are a few:

  • Go after as many likes, shares and tweets as possible. They show relevance and engagement, two search engine priorities.
  • Develop a YouTube channel and use SEO to get the videos you produced showing up in search results.
  • Embed videos on your website and social media pages, along with supporting text
  • Use schema.org for video markups.

Online video is a win-win for providing quality content to your customers and for enhancing web SEO visibility. Take the time to do it right.

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Video Production Tips for Producing High Quality Web Commercials

If you are running your own business and want people to start recognizing your brand, products, or services, taking advantage of the Internet and the advertising opportunities it offers is a must. Web commercials allow you to conveniently and effectively promote your products and services to a wider audience. Since most people use their cell phones and computers almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the chances of your video being seen are high. If you are planning to shoot and make a web commercial or online video ad, here are some tips to consider.

Web Commercials Require a Strong Concept

Like traditional television commercials, make sure your internet commercial has a strong concept. A commercial that does not have an interesting concept will just prompt web users to switch pages or ignore the commercial. Without a strong concept, you will not even convince anyone to patronize your products or services and they will definitely not listen to your advertising pitch. Do not waste your resources. Make sure you have strong concept before anything else.

 Take Your Time

If you are undecided on what to create, do not hastily produce a online video ad just for the sake of making one. Doing some research is your bet. Watch as many web promotional videos as you can and learn a trick or two. Do not copy these videos because this can affect the integrity and image of your company. Instead, these commercials should be used for inspiration. If you are working with a video production company, ask them to make a commercial that is unique for your business.

Your Goals Should Supersede your Budget

A strong and interesting concept does not always mean being flashy. Being realistic with your concept is better. Just because you saw a nice promotional video shot in an exotic location does not mean you can always follow suit. There are many factors to consider and one of the most important ones is your budget. A strong concept that is appropriate for your goals and budget is the best. Making a video can entail hefty costs. However, a web video is not going to be as expensive as advertisements with real actresses and actors that you usually see on TV. A fresh and unique commercial is also a must.

Keep Web Commercials Short in Length

Aside from the content, another thing that should be considered when making a web commercial is the length of the video. The longest commercials are not necessarily the ones that can effectively get your point across. Most web users do not have the patience to sit through a long advertisement. There are not many long commercials on television; not because of how expensive these commercials are going to be, but mostly because no one is interested in listening to long advertisements regarding a product or service. The same is applicable for an online video ad. A online commercial should last up to 45 seconds. It is better for web promotional videos to be short as long as the important message you want to get across to customers is relayed.

 Professional is Credible

It is important to note that what looks good on print does not look as good on video. If you plan to make a web commercial using only PowerPoint text, you might want to reconsider. This can be quite dull. Hire a professional video scriptwriter to help you if you cannot think of other alternatives. In addition, make sure to hire the right spokesperson to promote the message on your video. Like television commercials, your message will only be credible if the spokesperson is credible as well.

Consider The Audience

When planning your internet commercials, make sure to always consider who your audience is as well as who makes up your target market. A younger market will be the ones who find funny web commercials more appealing, while an older market will find serious ones more engrossing. Creating your web commercial requires serious planning.

Example Web Commercial or Online Video Ad:


If you lack the experience or skills to make web commercials, hiring a professional to help you is the best alternative. It is also important to make sure to hire reputable ones that can offer a good price. Relying on a professional can cut the time in half that you will devote to making the commercial. In addition, make sure to participate in every step of the video production process. Even if you have a professional doing the majority of the work, your participation and input will surely help create a commercial that you will be satisfied with. Download our video production guide to get started on the right track.

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Why Video is a Perfect Addition to Inbound Marketing Strategies

Why Video is a Perfect Addition to Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing is the newest trend that helps ensure that your brand gets out there in front of people who want to see it, without being pushy. By engaging people using the platforms they already utilize on a daily basis, brands can cross the line from stuffy corporate office to down to earth, real people that are just like their clients. The best way to utilize this is usually with a combination of different methods that serve to cover all the usual bases and platforms.

Content is Still King

Regardless of whether your brand is casual or you want to maintain a more formal atmosphere, content is still the best way to get your point across. While many people think of the written word as being the primary way to deliver content, today it is only one way of doing so. Given the busy lifestyles of most people, it is best to present them with a variety of different methods so that you can engage them on the level that works best for them.

Articles and Blogs Might not be the Best Method

Some people enjoy sitting down and reading an in-depth article, but most people are not going to fall into this category. Instead, they want the salient points in short and easy to digest points that they can read quickly. In many instances, today’s Internet users are using their mobile devices to get their information.

Videos Deliver More for Less

Videos enable brands to get their ideas across in a quick and concise way that appeals to the audiences of today. The demographics of this audience are geared toward the visual impact of ideas. Since the advent of television, the media age has only grown more focused digitally, and this will not change.

Fits With the Mobile Culture

To not acknowledge the far reaching effects of mobile technology of today is to be left behind in the race for the attention of those very audiences you want to engage. From laptops to tablets to smartphones, almost everyone who is digitally connected has at least one of these mobile devices. Videos work well with this on-the-go demographic by allowing them to easily share what they like with their friends and family, for example, while they are out.

Video Makes Complicated Topics Easy to Understand

Many people have a hard time visualizing how a product works, or the results of a service, without a visual prompt. A video offers you a great way to break down the steps to using your product, for example, or the before and after results of choosing your service. In addition, videos can be a great way to infuse a bit of your own personality into a topic that might otherwise be dry and boring to people.

Videos: Not Just for Large Corporations Anymore

Videos have long been the mainstay of large corporations as a marketing tool via television commercials. These days, though, you do not have to have a large marketing budget to utilize the power of videos. Instead, there are video production companies in almost every major city that specialize in delivering the content you want, and need. in this cutting edge format.

If you are wanting to engage your audience more easily through your inbound marketing efforts, videos offer you the perfect avenue. Simply load up specialized content that is entertaining, informative and easy to share, and be prepared to engage your visitors.


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How Video Production Makes A Business Look Established and Credible

How Video Production Makes A Business Look

Building credibility is one of the cornerstones of any business’ success.  As a matter of fact, video in a business has proved to be an effective way to build a remarkable credibility of your business. With many business people overwhelmed with work, it is probably very difficult to imagine finding the time to produce and post videos in their site. However, this can be one of the most effective ways of establishing a business.  The following are some of the reasons you should use video in your business.

A Video Production Can Promote Your Service and Product

For many retailers, a video on how to use their products or service will enable them make sales. Any business entrepreneur understands how higher sales will take his or her business to soaring heights. According to a recent survey on the consumer behavior, 95 percent of consumers watch sale related videos and a whopping 78 percent of them will share and post videos that they find useful. With good videos, your products and services will definitely be seen by many prospect customers.

Videos Attract Visual Learners

Statically, different people learn in different ways. Technically, many people learn the best by just seeing than listening or reading. It is because of this very reason that customized videos will help your business to reach more and more visually oriented customers.

Video Provides Remarkable Customer Service

Instead of using lengthy instruction manuals, your customers can play the videos on your site and learn more about your services or products. Besides, video can be one of the cheapest ways of building a credible business. It is quite an effective marketing strategy.

Personalize Your Business Videos

If you are a business owner who can talk, you can as well make your site very personal. You can come up with videos of you talking to your prospective customers. This way, you will build more credibility among your clientele. This is because with impressive videos, customers will find your site very welcoming and will be comfortable contacting you.

Video Can Assist Your Business in Tapping the Great Power of YouTube

Video can help you in tapping the enormous power of YouTube. Besides uploading your business videos on your website, you can as well post them in YouTube. According to statistics, a 25 percent of all Internet users visit this site every single day and view thousands and thousands of videos. With YouTube, you will find new customers and add them to your existing network.

Cost Conclusion:

Currently, some of the marketing strategies that businesses use might be very costly. This can impact financially on the business’ prospects in the long run. However, with business videos, you can rest assured that you will market your business effectively while at the same time saving on long term costs. Overall, if you consider video for your business, you will score in the aspect of marketing quality and affordability.

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4 Ways an Animated Video Production Can Benefit Your Inbound Marketing


As marketing professionals and business owners, we are constantly searching for efficient methods for conveying information to our prospects. As the internet marketing landscape continues to change, video is emerging as a dominating force. Estimating to be over 50% of internet traffic by 2016, integrating videos with inbound marketing is the next step for many businesses with the desire to grow. Integrating an animated video production or explainer video production is a serious undertaking. Here are 4 ways that your businesses can benefit from integrating animated videos with inbound marketing.

Video Takes a Complex Message and Simplifies it

Complex message to Simple with video production

Merging beautiful graphics, a scrupulous script and moving music will engage your viewers. Using animated videos, you’re able to take a complex message and bring it down to it’s simplest form. You can then elaborate and develop the messaging in a way that tells a story. This lets you control how the viewer is educated and informed about your products or services.

Animated Videos Increase Your Brand Exposure

Your brand image online is how people recognize you. It’s what people recognize before they see or hear any type of messaging. People recognize Coca-Cola’s red and associate what ever it is just from seeing that color. Animated videos can help you increase brand exposure and recognition. You’re able to make your brand the focus of the video. This doesn’t mean that your logo is plastered everywhere but that you’re able to incorporate when the moment is right.

Animated Videos Increase Conversion Rates

Video Rascal completed a survey which found that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying video. Using video to simplify your messaging and increase your brand exposure certainly factors into the increase conversion rates. You’re going to be educating your prospect more using video than with plain text. There are many places that you can incorporate a video in your sales funnel to benefit from these increased conversions.

Animated Videos Increase Retention & Engagement

When you combine auditory and visual senses together there’s a 58% increase in retention. People are visual learners and merging images with audio delivers information in a more engaging way. Forrester Research published a study stating that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. The impact that video has on our minds is truly amazing and these studies prove firmly that video content, especially animated videos, are superior methods for delivering information. 


Overall the benefits of using video in your marketing efforts to grow your business, hands down is one of the most effective methods. The ability to tell your exact story thousands of times over and over again benefits your brand immensely. This tactic takes a significant amount of resources to plan and launch but if you can get the video created and delivered in front of your prospects, it’s only a matter of time. Good luck creating your very own explainer video. Please leave your questions or feedback in the comments below.

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3 Corporate Video Productions to Integrate with Inbound Marketing

3 Corporate Video Productions to Integrate with Inbound Marketing

When you consider that 50% of internet traffic in 2014 will be online video and over 60% of companies have adopted some element of the inbound marketing methodology into their overall strategy (HubSpot), businesses that integrate both corporate video production and inbound marketing will have a serious advantage. The first step of course is developing a video marketing strategy. Part of that strategy includes determining the types of videos and their content that you’re going to incorporate. Here are kinds of videos that you should consider integrating into your inbound marketing strategy.

Business Profile Videos

Businesses of every size and industry should have a business profile video. These videos should be located on either their homepage or the about us page of their website. These kinds of videos range in length from 60 seconds to 15 minutes. We have found that the sweet spot is keeping them to a 2:30 minute minimum. This provides you with a reasonable amount of information while not overdoing it. If your business has several divisions you might also consider creating a few of these videos that are more detailed. United Controls International is a perfect example of a corporation that created a primary business profile video while also creating additional video segments that cover their different services in greater detail. Click here to see their complete video series.

Educational Video Series

One of the foundations of Inbound marketing is attracting your prospects with content. A lot of that content involves educating the reader about your industry, solving problems and answering questions. Incorporating an educational video series into your inbound marketing can add an incredible value to your content. If the decision maker you’re targeting is a member of the C-Suite then you’ll love the fact that 59% of C-Suite Executives watch video. Educational videos are perfect for video blogging or vlogging. TalentZoo.com created a video series that educates job seekers on best practices, tips, and tricks. Click here to see their videos.

Introduction & Welcome Videos

You only get one first impression, period. There’s no going back. When a visitor first comes to your website they are making a lot of judgements about your business. These judgments can be hard to overcome if your first impression isn’t a good one. Incorporating a introduction video, also known as a website welcome video is a great way to guide their perception of your company. Introducing your business, firm or practice and leading the first impression process gives you an advantage over your competitors. The likelihood that your website visitors will watch your video is pretty high since 83% of website viewers will watch your video. Richard Howe from Howe & Associates presents his debt collection firm with this prime example of an introductory or website welcome video.



The common theme with these videos is that they are presenting their businesses in a well organized and professional manner. The videos lend themselves to the inbound marketing methodology because they are not 30 second advertisements but genuine informational tools. Each of these videos can be used at different stages of the inbound buying cycle. The educational videos at the top of the funnel, the introduction video at the middle of the funnel, and finally the overview being used at the bottom of the funnel. One of the best advantages to using video content with your inbound marketing campaigns is the ability to rinse and repeat. Once the first investment of time, energy, and capital are made, they benefits are long lasting. Additionally you can use YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia to review and analyze your videos’ analytics.

I’m looking forward to hearing your comments. Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below or send me a tweet @davidcarondc to continue the conversation.

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3 Ways You Can Optimize YouTube Videos to Generate Leads [VIDEO]


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and as a business owner or marketing professional, you can’t help but use it to grow your business. It’s not enough to just have a video on YouTube but it needs to be optimized to attract more traffic and more visitors to your website. I’m going to share with you three ways that you can optimize your YouTube videos to generate more leads on your website.


Why are Optimized YouTube Videos Important for Businesses & Marketing Professionals?

YouTube is a highly active search engine with more than 1 billion unique users each month. The library of video content is growing with over 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. When you factor in the projected 50% of internet traffic will be online video, these figures are hard to ignore. I can only encourage you to take advantage of this growing marketing channel and consult with a video production company to produce the greatest production value.

Optimize Video Title with Keywords

Your YouTube video title needs to grab the viewers attention but also explain to the viewer what the video is about. The title also tells the search engines like Google, what your video is about. There is space for you to use 70 characters in your video title and each of these characters needs to be carefully chosen. They need to describe what the video is about but in a way that is going to include the keywords that you are targeting as part of your video search optimization.

Add Keyword Optimized Tags

When you’re uploading your video onto YouTube they give you the option to include some tags that describe your video. Tags within your video are extremely important because tags tell Google exactly which keywords are included in your video. We have seen time and time again that tags within a video description have a huge benefit for showing up in the search results for those particular keywords. The first 10 keywords are included within the meta-description that search engines will read. Ensuring that you benefit from this capability, make sure that you choose 10 well optimized keywords that describe your video and target the visitors that you want to have watch your video.

Use Keyword Rich Annotations

If you have watched videos on YouTube you might have noticed, as the video is playing you suddenly see a small text box pop-up telling you to either click or subscribe to a video. These are known as video annotations. Annotations within your video give the viewer the opportunity to click on a call-to-action (CTA). They can go to a landing page for a specific offer on your website, or they can subscribe to your YouTube channel. An additional benefit of using annotations within your YouTube videos is they are keyword rich links. This means that the words that are used within those annotations play a factor in what Google uses to understand what a video is about. This is a great opportunity to further optimize your videos with keyword rich content that is optimized for not only the viewer but also for search engines.


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3 Ways Video Production Benefits Local Attorney Marketing

Judge Witness Video Production Benefits Local Attorney Marketing

Attorneys have an increasingly competitive market and many are looking to set themselves apart from the rest. Incorporating video marketing can greatly benefit your local attorney marketing. We’ll go through three reasons why a professional video production is what attorneys need to differentiate themselves in a cluttered market. The video above is an example website welcome video that we produced to benefit a local debt collection attorney.


1. Dominate the Local Search Results with Video Thumbnails

Getting your content ranked well on Google is a priority for any inbound marketing strategy. A way that you can grab more of the researcher’s attention is with video thumbnails. Google introduced video thumbnails within the search results sometime ago and with it came a lot of excitement for law firm marketing. With our research we have found that Google serves video thumbnails on many keyword searches that relate to law firms and attorneys. There are usually only a few video thumbnails per search results page so the competition is rather tight. You might take advantage of a video SEO service to help you.

 2. Video Drives More Traffic To Your Website

Given that Videos in global search results have a 41% higher click through rate than simple plain text links you’re going to increase your traffic. Why are videos getting more clicks? We are a visual society and video is engaging and attractive. We are watching more and more video and if the thumbnail looks like what we are looking for, we are going to choose to watch a video over reading. Capitalizing on the high video click-thru rate means that the more videos you have available the greater the opportunity for people to visit your website.

3. Video Engages Your Audience More Than Text

One goal of your marketing campaign is engaging prospects and for longer periods of time. Research has found that video has 400% higher engagement than text. Increasing the odds of client engagement by 400% is a fantastic number. You’ll also find that videos engage your prospect for longer periods of time as well. Building a relationship with a prospect takes time and that begins with engagement.


Video is an important and exciting medium that attorneys and law firms can benefit from. Video content attracts, engages, and connects you with your ideal prospects. Not using video means that you’re not getting the most out of your marketing and internet presence. Getting started can be as simple as filming your video content yourself or hiring a partner like DCD, an Atlanta video production company to help you through the process. Please leave your questions and feedback in the comments below.


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4 Essential Tips to Create a Killer Company Overview Video Production

Office photo about 4 Essential Tips to Create a Killer Company Overview Video Production

Whether this is your first business video or you’re a seasoned veteran these tips will help you produce a killer company overview video. Starting off on the right track is essential to reaching your video goals. There are many uses for creating a business profile video. Including an overview video on your website and other social media channels is a foundational step to any inbound marketing campaign as well. Here are three ways that you can improve your company video.

1. Poll Your Existing Clients

Often times we don’t know what to include in our profile video. Asking your clients is the perfect way to start. There must be a reason that your existing clients have chosen to work with you. Asking them what they think your strong areas are (as well as weak areas) can give you a great start to answering the questions of prospective clients.  You don’t necessarily need to use their feedback word for word or incorporate a testimonial from them but as stated before, it’s a great place to start.

2. Plan Ahead

We can’t stress planning for the long term enough. Nothing is worse than investing thousands of dollars into a corporate overview video, only to need to revise or completely redo later. I certainly encourage you to consider your long term business goals. This can impact your video production process significantly. One example pertains to the face of the company. Will you be using internal personnel or hired talent to represent your company? What if the internal person is no longer working for your business 6 months from now? They’ve taken a job at a competitor? I’m not saying that this will happen but it has and the last thing you want to do is re-film the video.

3. Think Modular

It’s not easy to pack all of the amazing things about your company into a single video. It’s tough to choose what you need to include. When getting started, write down all of the ideas, thoughts, topics, and categories that you’re considering of including. Group them into like categories, then condense that category down into a single statement. If you can’t bring it down to once statement, divide that category into two categories until you can. Then prioritize the statements from most critical to include down to least critical. This will help you break your ideas down into their simplest form and make it easier to choose what to include and what to save for a later video.

Here’s an example series of videos that we produced for United Controls International. The first video in the playlist is their overview video, followed by a series of modular videos that are more in depth.


4. Tell Your Story

At the end of the day, people don’t remember all of the features and benefits that are often included in a company overview video. People remember the story, how it made them feel. What kind of feeling are you wanting to convey to your prospects? Trust? Expertise? Loyalty? Cut through the cliche terms and company jargon and tell people about you. Speak about what matters to your prospect and not what makes you the same as everyone else.

Below is our own company profile video. Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

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photo credit: Phil Manker

How to use Video Marketing for B2B Lead Generation Like a BOSS

How to use Video Marketing for B2B Lead Generation

Is Video Important for your Business?

Over 75% of Fortune 500 executives are viewing online video (Forbes). This is a BIG sign that B2B prospects are turning to online video to be educated. When you then factor in that 65% of senior executives have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video (Forbes) and 72% percent research an organisation after watching a B2B video marketing campaign (International Data Group) there is a lot to get excited about. Odds are you’re one of the 72% researching after watching a video.

Video and Your Search Engine Rankings

Atlanta ecommerce videosWe have all heard these days that SEO is dead. But what about video SEO? You might have seen in your search results video thumbnails (click on the image on the right).  Did you know that videos are 53x more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s search results (Forrester)? It’s really fascinating when you publish your videos online and they appear in the search results for the keywords that your clients are searching. Getting your videos to rank online is not something that a video production company can do for you. You need to learn how to implement this yourself or hire a company that specializes in video search optimization, otherwise known as video SEO.  When it’s all said and done, you need a video produced in the first place.

Setting up your Lead Generating Video Marketing Campaign

Step 1: Define Your Video Goals
What are you wanting to achieve through your video marketing campaign? More traffic, more leads, or more clients? I sure hope that awareness isn’t your goal because that’s a metric that you can’t possibly track or analyze.

Step 2: Create Your Video
There are many steps to creating an effective video. These steps are outline in out free guide: Corporate Video Production Cheat Sheet. Overall the video needs to be professional, tell a story and your call to action. If you nail those points you’re going to have a successful video for marketing.

Step 3: Create an Offer and Landing Page
Once you have a video for marketing, you’ll want to direct your viewers to some kind of offer and landing page. This is one of the essential steps to lead generation and actually getting your viewers to convert into leads. Remember, this is how you capture leads, everything else is getting them to this point.

How to Measure Results from your Video Marketing

Tracking conversions and monitoring video analytics is how you’re going to prove ROI. If you have a closed loop marketing software like HubSpot you’ll be able to use the new HubSpot & Wistia integration to monitor your video analytics.

Wistia and Hubspot Integration
Photo via Wistia

Otherwise you’ll need to rely on Google analytics and YouTube. This is a little more difficult to track unless you specifically ask,”how much of the video(s) have you watched?”. What you’re looking for is who is watching your videos (demographics), the amount of time that users watched your videos, and finally who has converted into a lead after watching your videos. Then it’s up to the lead nurturing and sales process to close the deal.

The Conclusion About Using Video for B2B Lead Generation

As you can see, video marketing is not especially difficult when the details are laid out. Overall video is making marketing easier and more effective. Since you can reuse your video messaging over and over it’s well worth an investment. Getting started is usually the hardest part, so use the statistics provided to get your team onboard. At the beginning keep it simple. Create your video(s), create a funnel, and close deals! Measure your progress on a weekly basis so that you can make tweaks to your CTA’s, offers, and landing pages. If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Photo Credit (Chekhter)

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