Video Content Marketing: 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Using it Right

Video content marketing when used properly is an amazing lead generating machine. However when it’s not implemented properly or only a little bit then it delvers a lackluster result.


Missing Out on Video Content Marketing… Period

I wanted to share with you today what we have seen around the web where companies have not taken full advantage of video content marketing. Starting with 5 reasons how you’re not doing it right and some examples of what you can add to the mix so as to take complete advantage of your video content strategy.

1. Creating Only One Video

This is the biggest mistake that you can make when creating a video content strategy is using only one video. The whole purpose of this strategy is to deliver video content over time. You can only achieve this by filming and delivering multiple videos. This doesn’t mean that your video production costs to film your video increase; you can film multiple videos on one day of filming.

2. Only Using Branded Business Profile Videos

Limiting yourself to one type of video reduces the reach and effectiveness of your video strategy. The types of videos that you create have a specific purpose and goal in mind. The goal of a branded business profile video or corporate overview video, is to establish credibility and briefly explain your business. For example: if you have e-commerce products that would benefit from increase viewers and traffic, your corporate video profile isn’t going to cut it. Each type of video has a specific goal so don’t limit yourself to only one kind of video.


Video Marketing Examples


3. Exclusively Distributing Your Videos on YouTube

Distributing your videos onto YouTube isn’t bad all things considered. YouTube has billions of viewers everyday. The drawback is that YouTube viewers are typically there for reasons other than learn about your product, brand, service, or business. (Did I cover them all?)

Distribute Your Video on Multiple Video Sharing Websites to Generate More Traffic:


Distribute Your Videos on Video Hosting Platforms:


4. Failing to Use Videos on Your Blog

Using a marketing strategy that incorporates inbound marketing creates a lot of content. The perfect addition to inbound marketing is video content. Here’s a great example of using videos on your blog. You’re already generating traffic to your website with your blog articles, what better way to engage the visitor than with a video? The video doesn’t have to be long. It can be a brief introduction to the full text content.

3 Benefits of Using Video Content on Your Blog:

  • 400% Higher Engagement
  • 9% Increase Time on Your Website
  • 9.3x Increase Search Traffic


5. Being Complacent with Video Quality

Video creators are constantly raising the bar and sub-par video content is going to be outpaced by high quality video content.  Videos are becoming better and better everyday. Video alone is no longer enough to attract, engage, and convert your prospects. Investing in high quality video production is the safest way to ensure that your content will become sub-par.


It’s not enough to just include a video into your marketing strategy. Your takeaway from today’s article is to create engaging video content that your prospects and clients will love and get it out there! If you have any questions please ask them in the comments below. I’d love to hear your perspective.

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