The Most Effective SEO Tactics in Capturing Business to Business Leads

When trying to market your business, to another business the internet can seem like a big, clunky, unusable tool meant only for techies and computer whizzes. With so many different ways to use the internet it’s understandable that business owners are sometimes intimidated, especially when dealing with other professional businesses. It can be hard to make yourself look good on the internet with so many different outlets that need to be maintained.

Below is a chart showing what SEO tools have been most effective in business to business marketing. This information comes from a survey of 1.530 professional marketers and summarizes their findings in 2011.

Content creation is the most effective SEO strategy. Content creation includes blog writing, producing script to go on webpages, and other kinds of online material that can be supplied for people on your webpage to enjoy. The reason content creation is so effective because when you create good quality content on a regular basis people will continuously come back to your site as an expert in their field. You are essentially providing materials so your website visitors can navigate your field of business. This central hub of information is key to SEO because people will flock to it.

The second most important aspect in B2B SEO tactics is title tags. Title tags are important because they are the first thing people search for when doing research online. When looking up something online it’s smart to narrow your search by clicking “has phrase in title” and this is how title tags are utilized. If your titles aren’t on point then your pages aren’t going to be viewed.

In summary it’s smart to utilize all of these aspects in SEO marketing, but some of them need more attention than others. Using this chart feel free to grade how important these aspects are to your business and calibrate what areas need improvement.

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