The Importance of Hiring a Full-service Video Production Company

Hiring the right full-service video production company is the most critical decision you will make when creating a video marketing piece for your organization. You will want a company that not only has the skills and equipment to deliver a quality product, but also want them to share your vision. You may even need them to help you develop your vision.

If you are in search of a corporate video production company in Atlanta, here are seven questions to ask them before making a final decision.

7 Questions to Ask a Full-Service Video Production Company Before Getting Started

Ask About Current Projects 

Asking about a video company’s current projects does several things. It lets you know how busy the video production company’s schedule currently is, it will give you an indication of the type of projects the company takes on. This will give them a chance to elaborate on the videos that they have currently in production.  Rather than letting them focus on some award-winning project they may have done four years ago, this gives you insight into what type of the day-to-day projects the company is involved with.

Ask Them In What Areas They Specialize

Like individuals, companies tend to excel at projects they enjoy. Ask them what type of projects they feel they are best at and in which they consider themselves to have expertise. Ask for examples and specifics about why they consider themselves experts in those areas. Not all production companies are great at everything. Depending on your production budget you might need to work with a production company that hasn’t produced a video like the one you’re trying to make. You might be able to get a price reduction if they are looking to buildout their video portfolio.

Ask Them Their Definition Of A “A Full-Service Video Production Company”

This will give you a good idea of what you can expect them to take care of and what areas you may need to hire additional help. Do they have access to professional writers? Do they have the appropriate lighting and video equipment? Do they have a selection of licensed background music available? What are their special effects and graphic capabilities? Will they work with your schedule or do you need to work around theirs?

Ask Them What Is Included In Their Pricing And What May Cost Extra

Since every project is unique, it is not unusual for a video production company to have add-ons. However, you don’t want to get involved with a company that is looking for ways to up-sell your project. Have an honest conversation with them about what parts of your project they can produce in-house and what areas will need outsourcing. Some elements of the project might benefit from the collaboration of several production resources and companies. Make sure that your production company is willing to consider the possibilities of an extended team to get the job done right.

Ask What You Will Get As A Final Product 

This may not be as cut and dry as you first think. Will you own the rights to the completed project? Who owns the rights to the raw footage? How can you be assured your raw footage won’t be used in some unrelated project? What forms will the completed video be presented to you? What type of guarantee of satisfaction do they offer? Knowing the answers ahead of time will help set the appropriate expectations for both parties.

Will They Help You Implement The Distribution Of Your Video? 

Do they have expertise in video marketing? What can they do to help you get exposure for your video? What do they know about marketing videos online?

Most video production companies do not help with marketing your video content. Usually they’ll help you upload your approved video content to YouTube or Vimeo but that’s about it. You might not even want your video production company to be involved in this space if they do not offer a dedicated video marketing service.

You don’t expect a car manufacturing plant to market the car.  For this reason, you wouldn’t necessarily want the production company handling your video marketing.

What Are Their Expectations From You?

Will you need to provide the final script? Will you need to be available during all of the filming? Who recruits the people or talent seen in the video? Most of the time, production companies are very accommodating. They want to win your business and will go above and beyond to make sure that you’re a satisfied customer. At least that’s what we at DCD Agency believe.


Having the answers to these questions will give you a better idea of what is in store for you during your project. If you have any other questions, I would encourage you to connect with me on Twitter or leave your feedback/question in the comments below!

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