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Need Help Promoting Your Business? Use An Animated Promo Video!

Animated Promo videos are a perfect way to promote your business. We are going to breakdown the benefits of using video to engage your prospects, drive conversions, and increase your revenue. The more and more our culture embraces video as the preferred method for learning and absorbing information, videos will be a marketing essential for […]

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How to Set Goals for Your Video Production

Setting goals for your video production is the first step to the production process. As a video production company in Atlanta, we recommend you set clearly defined goals so that you’re less likely to waste time and money. There are three primary goals that need to be defined prior to beginning your video production. Even […]

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How to Promote Your Videos Using Social Media

Social media is the perfect way to promote your video and gain likes. As a video production company in Atlanta as well as a social media marketing agency we’ll be reviewing some of the methods we utilize ourselves to gain more views and increase our leads. Publish your videos on Google+ While you might think […]

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5 Video Topics to Consider When Producing A Corporate Video

When it comes to corporate promotion, product promotion and brand recognition, there are few tools that can be as effective and as efficient as a corporate video. When corporate sales teams look for video production in Atlanta, they want a company that can take full advantage of a video in as many areas of promotion […]

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4 Ways To Convince Your Boss to Use Video for Business

Like most marketers you’re always looking for ways to convince your boss to use video. Video is taking over the internet, and it is a trend that does not show any signs of stopping. Some have resisted using video in their businesses thus far, whether due to a fear of initial expense, or an assumption […]

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3 Things About Corporate Video Production You Need To Know [VIDEO]

Whether you are producing your first corporate video production or you’re a well seasoned veteran, there are certain things that you need to know to make your life better. We are not talking about how corporate video alone is going to get you on the beach and retire in 3 months or less, but certainly […]

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5 Effective Ways To Use Video in Your Marketing

Marketing is among the most important aspects of business, after all unless you market what you do and who you are potential customers will not know who you are or what you have to offer. As the world becomes increasingly visual and interactive, businesses need to step up their game and engage customers in ways […]

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Corporate Trade Show Video Example Featuring Motion Graphics

We would all agree that trade shows are cut throat. Everyone is battling for eyeballs and talk time. When you have thousands of attendees and only a handful of associates to cover them all, it’s important that you talk to the right people at the right level. Incorporating the guidelines set forth in our article […]

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How To Produce & Optimize A Trade Show Video For Maximum ROI

Upgrading your existing marketing and trade show strategies to the new and more cost effective marketing methods of inbound marketing, you’ll realize that trade show videos are not your typical video production. Trade show videos are pure science. You really only have a few seconds to captivate your audience. There are thousands of trade show […]

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What’s going to make my Youtube video stand out?

Linking Youtube, Facebook and Twitter is an excellent way to get noticed, but this alone isn’t going to cut it. Solely because you get a potential client to click on your video doesn’t mean they are going to stay and watch it. People want instant gratification and the second they’re bored, they’re gone, onto the […]

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How Website Videos & e-Commerce Videos Increase Leads & Sales

When you talk to an Atlanta video production company, they most likely will explain to you how amazing video is for your business. The same goes if you talk to a newspaper company which is trying to tell you that they have the best advertising demographic. With that said, we are going to explain how […]

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How Much Does A Video Production Cost? Part 3

In our previous articles we have have touched on several aspects of video production including, Pre Production, Scripting, Locations, Professional Talent, HD Cameras, and Lighting Equipment. We are now going to address the post production process and how it impacts the cost of a typical Atlanta video production. How Much Do Professional Video Productions Cost? Part […]

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