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How To Produce Amazing Website Content

Writing amazing copy for your website can seem like a daunting task. You must write content for not only your website visitors but also for search engine robots. SEO copywriting involves writing engaging and interesting material while at the same time using proper key wording to be found online. Using these two tools in conjunction […]

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4 Reasons Why Video Marketing is a Must for Your 2014 Marketing Budget

Using video in your 2014 marketing strategy is essential for every business’s marketing budget and I’m going to layout the reasons why. This in not just my opinion but it’s founded on real results as well as studies from reputable sources. If your business is looking to remain stagnant then don’t use video. If your […]

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8 Tips to Optimize Your Website Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

A landing page is meant to serve your website visitor so they can obtain the information they want easily and quickly. A landing page also helps your company generate leads. The online currency of personal contact information is exchanged for some type of valuable offer that will help the “purchaser”. Here are eight tips that […]

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How to use Video Marketing for B2B Lead Generation Like a BOSS

Is Video Important for your Business? Over 75% of Fortune 500 executives are viewing online video (Forbes). This is a BIG sign that B2B prospects are turning to online video to be educated. When you then factor in that 65% of senior executives have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video (Forbes) and 72% percent […]

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Online Video Statistics that Every Marketer Should Know [Infographic]

In order for CMO’s to function properly they need data. Online video is being used more and more by consumers and business professionals. How does online video impact your marketing campaigns? The new trends in videos online are really wonderful! We’ve gathered the most important online video statistics that every marketer should know and created […]

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Need Help Promoting Your Business? Use An Animated Promo Video!

Animated Promo videos are a perfect way to promote your business. We are going to breakdown the benefits of using video to engage your prospects, drive conversions, and increase your revenue. The more and more our culture embraces video as the preferred method for learning and absorbing information, videos will be a marketing essential for […]

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4 Essential On-Page Content Marketing Tips for Marketers (VIDEO)

Here are 4 essential on-page content marketing tips that every internet marketer should be using. Use these tips and tricks because there are a lot of on-page tactics that marketers have used to create written content but not all work. What kind of strategies are you deploying? Generating quality content on your website is the first step […]

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5 Video Topics to Consider When Producing A Corporate Video

When it comes to corporate promotion, product promotion and brand recognition, there are few tools that can be as effective and as efficient as a corporate video. When corporate sales teams look for video production in Atlanta, they want a company that can take full advantage of a video in as many areas of promotion […]

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5 Ways Using Local Keywords Can Help Increase Search Engine Ranking

You probably already know how important selecting the right keywords can be. But did you know that choosing local keywords can help your website rank faster and improve your location? Here are five ways using local keywords can help increase your search engine ranking. 1. Customers Who Think Local, Search Local Whether your business has […]

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Marketing Tactics Without An Internet Marketing Strategy is Pointless

“Let’s make a Facebook page” is not an internet marketing strategy. Of course it’s not, you say. Yet every day marketers launch internet marketing tactics without considering how they fit within their overall strategy. Rather than react to the latest, greatest digital marketing tool, we suggest you plan an effective Internet strategy to determine which […]

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5 Ways Lead Generation & Inbound Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Lead generation is one of the more important tasks for many types of businesses—you can only make sales or conversions if you have the right kind of leads. So, when it comes time to develop those leads, how do you do it? Cold calling, direct marketing and other methods will help you reach new clients. […]

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4 Ways To Convince Your Boss to Use Video for Business

Like most marketers you’re always looking for ways to convince your boss to use video. Video is taking over the internet, and it is a trend that does not show any signs of stopping. Some have resisted using video in their businesses thus far, whether due to a fear of initial expense, or an assumption […]

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