Statistics Overtime Prove Powerful Mobile Trends 2001 – 2011

When you look at statistics at one instance, you might see a large number. When you look at statistics over time, you find the powerful trends. Statistics in and of themselves are useful tools for conveying information. An even better way of conveying your message and marketing strategy is to include statistics overtime. Here are a few mobile statistics which are rather compelling from the beginning but when you look at them overtime, you can really see powerful mobile trends.

In 2001 a pitiful 15% percent of the global population had cell phone subscriptions. There were about six billion people alive in the world, so there were only about 9 million people with cell phone subscriptions at that time. In that same year only 8% of the world population had an internet subscription, that’s about 4.8 million people.

The percentage of people with cell phone subscriptions rose exponentially each year from 2001-2011.  By 2011 almost 87% of the global population had cell phone subscriptions. With about seven billion people alive in the world in 2011 this means almost 6 billion people had cell phone subscriptions. The number of people with cell phones crossed a threshold that can never be crossed again. It goes without saying that it’s impossible for this number to make the same jump again.

The percentage of people with internet access also made a not so giant leap, from 8% of the global population to 35% of the global population. That’s a jump from 4.8 million internet users in 2001 to 24.5 million internet users in 2011. That is over five times as many people using the internet in ten years. Not taking into account estimated world population in 2021 and assuming that this number increases by the same amount in the next ten years there will be 122.5 million people using the internet. That’s over half of the current world population on the internet.

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