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How to Promote Your Videos Using Social Media

Social media is the perfect way to promote your video and gain likes. As a video production company in Atlanta as well as a social media marketing agency we’ll be reviewing some of the methods we utilize ourselves to gain more views and increase our leads. Publish your videos on Google+ While you might think […]

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Top 10 FREE Social Media Channels For Your Business

Social media is growing daily and there are certain places that you need to post your content in order to be successful. Here’s a quick list of the top 10 free social media channels you business can use to capitalize on this ever growing medium. Social media marketing is being used by the powerful brands […]

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Why Your Business Needs A Facebook Business Page

Facebook is an extremely powerful social media site when utilized for a business. Having a Facebook for your business can be very helpful in drawing new leads to your company’s website. One reason is simply because of how popular Facebook is. The word ”Facebook” is the number one most searched term online, and number one […]

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Olympic Photos That You Love to Share

We will be compiling a ton of Olympic photos that you love to share. We’ll start with this one. Mom Brought Nutella! Olympic Sized Photos

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Video Résumé on the World’s Largest Professional Network [VIDEO]

As of March 31, 2012, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with 161 million members ( The key word here is “professional network.” People and businesses come to LinkedIn not to play around, but to do businesses. It’s a place for professional work to be done by professionals. LinkedIn not only serves employees, […]

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Social Media: Beyond the Sale

Melanie Romanaux, CEO of Somedia Solutions, Inc. will be writing a series of social media guest blogs for DCD – Complete Marketing Solutions. Her team provides social media training and social media management to medium-large companies all over the US while raising $20,000 this year for Stick it 2 Cancer. Get connected with her on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – she loves to answer your social media questions! […]

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3 Mistakes Marketers Make Using QR Codes And Their Solution!

The QR in QR codes stands for “quick response.” They have been implemented so people with smartphones can scan them and be lead straight to company webpages, contact information, or informational pages.  Based on a survey of 138 companies, there were 13 times as many QR code scans in December of 2010 as there were at the […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Media Marketing Re-Explained

The photo that has spread across the internet with a viral effect is an effective way of explaining social media for anyone. We will go point by point and explain in further detail what this all means. Facebook: “I like Donuts” Facebook is a social networking website that gives an impression of who people are […]

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2012 Facebook Advertising Report Infographic

We would like to thank for posting this 2012 Facebook Advertising Report. We are going to add this info graphic to our post “10 Social Media INFOGRAPHICS | ROI Analytics Tools Cost“. There is way more information included in their full report, however this info graphic is an excellent resource for quick powerful Facebook […]

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10 Social Media INFOGRAPHICS | ROI Analytics Tools Cost

Infographics tell an amazing amount of information in a simple and easy way. We can remember this information a lot easier as well. We have compiled 25 social media and marketing infographics for your education and reading pleasure! What is even more powerful is conveying your information in an info graphic video production. Using motion […]

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Atlanta Marketing Company Explains Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by prospects. It centers on three main marketing tactics: content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media marketing. Inbound marketing is basically integrated marketing; connecting lots of different marketing methods together to create a stronger presence online. One of […]

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Facebook Sweepstakes Status Update

We have been running a sweepstakes on Facebook for the past month.  We not only wanted additional fans but a way to reward our current fans with a gift.  We decided to give away a $50 gift card!  The winner could choose one gift card from one of these three options: Apple, Best Buy or […]

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