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Is Freshness an Important SEO Signal for Website Content? [VIDEO]

The simple answer is yes. There’s no question that freshness is important for the success of your website. We’re talking about fresh, new website content that’s relevant to your niche market. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts such as the repurposing of existing content with a few rewrites here and there. Repurposing existing content won’t produce […]

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How to Optimize Online Video Content for Search Engines (and Viewers)

Online video content is still in its early stages, and many people are confused about how to best use video content so that it will engage viewers and rank high in search engines. Video Search Engine Optimization is still a new field, but there are some basic principles that you can follow and tips you can […]

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5 Ways Using Local Keywords Can Help Increase Search Engine Ranking

You probably already know how important selecting the right keywords can be. But did you know that choosing local keywords can help your website rank faster and improve your location? Here are five ways using local keywords can help increase your search engine ranking. 1. Customers Who Think Local, Search Local Whether your business has […]

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5 Simple Ways You Can Optimize Your Content for Search

There is a lot of focus placed on search engine optimization (SEO) for website content these days. And rightfully so. Without including carefully worded content that pleases search engine algorithms, it can be incredibly hard for your website to show up among the pages of listings on a particular topics. Here are five simple ways […]

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5 Ways To Get Started With SEO Today!

Search Engine Optimization is a cost effective way to increase your inbound marketing results. Since you’re just getting started there are a few things that you need to consider. These steps won’t work unless you work on them each week. SEO is not a setup and go strategy. SEO is a setup and go and […]

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How And Why Content Curation Is Important To Marketing

Content curation has become and is becoming the most effective way for businesses to market themselves on the internet. Content curation is a process comprised of finding, organizing, and sharing online content through multiple mediums and outlets. Proper content curation utilizes social media, sharing, pinning, tweeting, liking, commenting and posting the content in order to […]

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How Website Videos & e-Commerce Videos Increase Leads & Sales

When you talk to an Atlanta video production company, they most likely will explain to you how amazing video is for your business. The same goes if you talk to a newspaper company which is trying to tell you that they have the best advertising demographic. With that said, we are going to explain how […]

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Atlanta Marketing Company Explains Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by prospects. It centers on three main marketing tactics: content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media marketing. Inbound marketing is basically integrated marketing; connecting lots of different marketing methods together to create a stronger presence online. One of […]

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How To Be Found More Easily On Google Using Video

All businesses have websites these days, and being noticed out of the lineup can be difficult. The first step to learning how to be found more easily on Google is having websites properly indexed in Google, if you can be found here you’re off to a good start. Blogging can also be vital for being found […]

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Smartphone Video Optimization Marketing to Increase Sales

People are buying and using Smartphones in exponentially growing numbers. Video optimization is a growing need for internet marketers. Social networking is the fastest-growing category among app users and mobile users growing two hundred and forty percent for the app users, and ninety percent for the mobile users. People are at an exponentially increasing rate […]

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Video Marketing Increases Sales for Products with Videos

Increasing sales for products with videos is a marketing challenge. Customers want to see your product in action on film. They want the satisfaction of watching someone interact with it. I myself as a potential customer have watched videos on of all different types of shoes. When I could see someone physically handling the […]

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58 Percent of Americans Have Researched A Product or Service Online

According to a study by Pew Internet Research Center 58% of Americans have Researched A Product or Service Online. DCD is committed to sharing information that helps local businesses flourish. So let us tell you what this study means and how it impacts your business.   Nearly six‐in‐ten adults (58%) have done research online about the […]

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