Promotional Video For All New App Makes Couponing Easy!

Our phones are no longer just phones but our point-and-shoot cameras, calendars, address books, gaming console, walk-man, and more. They even handle some tasks like monitoring our sleeping habits, manage our todo’s, and now they can even help us save money on our groceries.

There’s an all new smartphone app available on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android devices. It’s known as ThriftyGrocer. We produced a few promotional videos for this Atlanta based company. Watch the Promo Video here or head on over to Indigogo and support this innovative company.

Here’s how it works: Download the app on your smart device. It’s easy to sign up and login. You can then choose from a few options:

The Store sorts the items available by store.
Users select a category, choose and item, input the quantity and add to their shopping list.
The Grocery List displays all of the items that they have added to their shopping list. Icons appear indicating the availability of a coupon for that item.
The Cost Estimator displays the pre-savings cost, total savings from coupons, and calculated, final cost.
The Meal Planner helps the user manage their default and custom recipes.
Categorized by ethnicities, each recipe displays the ingredients and quantity required. Meals added to the Grocery List automatically add each ingredient and quantity to the grocery list. They can even search for a favorite recipe.
My Profile allows the user to manager their information.

{We used segments of this promo video below which we had produced previously. We are able to piggyback previously produced videos in order to maximize the ROI of your investment.}

The time and money that this app can save is almost limitless. Overall, ThriftyGrocer is a Consumer, Manufacturer and Retailers’ dream.

Coupons are easily validated at checkout and automatically sorted into the system by manufacturer, reducing the coupon processing time by over 75%. Existing coupons can be imported or custom coupons created specifically for ThriftyGrocer. While the fundamentals of couponing remain the same the way consumers use coupons and the way retailers and manufacturers capitalize on coupon use is revolutionized through ThriftyGrocer.

Thrift Grocer is a win-win-win for everyone. Consumers, Retailers, and Manufacturers each save time and money.

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