Real Estate Promo Video


Our filming capabilities were put into action in October 2013 as we were contracted to create a real estate promotional video for 77 on 12 st. Atlanta, Georgia. There was limited time to plan this production and be prepared to film all within 24 hours.

We had a few creative requests from the client to incorporate time lapse video footage into the overall video. They also wanted us to capture the atmosphere and building amenities.

We placed three time lapse cameras in specific locations to capture not only the event but also the beautiful building design and amenities.

Overall the 4 hours of filming on-location was more than adequate to capture the essence of the building and the people of Atlanta.

Video Production Services:

  • Pre-Production
  • Direction
  • On-Location Videography
  • Time Lapse Photography
  • Video Editing


77 12th – Luxury High-Rise Apartments
Midtown Atlanta
77 12th ST NE
Atlanta, GA 30309