Mobile Statistics Show Why I Need A Mobile Optimized Website

Why do I need a mobile optimized website? There is an increase need for mobile compatible websites or specific mobile websites based upon the statistics.

In today’s business market there have been dramatic increases within the last year in the amount of people using smart phones to get information on the product before they actually order it. “eMarketer calculated that U.S. smartphone users reached 60.2 million by year-end 2010, increasing by nearly 50 percent from 2009.” With this being said there is an increase in need for mobile responsive websites.

This is important to businesses because of the increase in demand for mobile responsive websites specifically designed to be viewed on a smart phones is only going to keep going up. “Smart phone owners will account for 23%of the mobile user population by 2011; and by 2015, they will represent 43% of the mobile user population.”

What Happens to the Mobile Viewing Experience Without An Mobiel Optimized Website?

If a potential customer sees your product online, on their phone, and like what they see they are much more likely to send what they find out than if they can’t open your pages. If they can’t pull up your website instantly on their phone it is highly unlikely that they will ever pull up the website at all. It could be hours before they are in front of a laptop, office, or home computer later on. If a consumer pulls up a website from their computer and sends the link to their friends, and their friends are accessing the content on their mobile device, they’re not going to be very happy if they can’t view what’s being sent to them.

Consumers want a personal feeling of satisfaction from endorsing a product, but if they’re not able to endorse it via their phone they will be instantly put off by that product. The consumer is not going to change what kind of phone they have to pull up your website; they’re just not going to pull it up, because they won’t have ease of access. If a person loves their smart phone and is unable to pull up a certain website, they’re going to take it personally that whoever generated the site just doesn’t care about them, or people like them.

Mobile Advertising is Expanding – Are Websites Offering Mobile Website Solutions?

Mobile advertising in the U.S. will expand to a billion-dollar business in 2011, nearly a third of the predicted global mobile advertising market, according to Forrester. It’s time to get your name out their too, and making your website mobile compatible can only help your business.

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