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How to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy With Video

Video content marketing is a widely unadopted tactic by marketers yet is outperforming typical content marketing strategies. Content marketing is certainly working well for businesses, since 41% of marketers say inbound marketing produced measurable ROI in 2013. However, those that incorporate video strategically, as an additional layer to their inbound marketing, are leaving their competition in […]

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Build an Audience and Get Your Video Content Marketing Noticed Online

Get your video content marketing noticed online and grow your audience with these 5 tips from professional marketers and video production experts.

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4 Ways an Animated Video Production Can Benefit Your Inbound Marketing

As marketing professionals and business owners, we are constantly searching for efficient methods for conveying information to our prospects. As the internet marketing landscape continues to change, video is emerging as a dominating force. Estimating to be over 50% of internet traffic by 2016, integrating videos with inbound marketing is the next step for many […]

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4 Reasons Why Video Marketing is a Must for Your 2014 Marketing Budget

Using video in your 2014 marketing strategy is essential for every business’s marketing budget and I’m going to layout the reasons why. This in not just my opinion but it’s founded on real results as well as studies from reputable sources. If your business is looking to remain stagnant then don’t use video. If your […]

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Why & How Video Must be Part of Your Mobile Strategy

How many times a day do you use your smartphone? If you’re like me I’m using my phone everyday to consume content on the internet. Videos is one of my favorite methods for educating myself on a product, service, or company. Luckily, you don’t have to take my word for the fact that video must […]

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8 Tips to Optimize Your Website Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

A landing page is meant to serve your website visitor so they can obtain the information they want easily and quickly. A landing page also helps your company generate leads. The online currency of personal contact information is exchanged for some type of valuable offer that will help the “purchaser”. Here are eight tips that […]

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4 Steps to Get Started with Writing a Lead Generating Blog

So you’ve decided to start blogging here are some simple steps to get started easily with blogging. As you know blogging is a great way to generate more traffic to your website. Blogging also has many more benefits aside from generating more traffic. Writing a lead generating blog also makes you a thought leader in your industry. […]

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43 Mobile Web and Mobile Device Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind!

Ever wonder if your company should have a mobile presence? Look no further, here are 43 mobile web and mobile device statistics that will blow your mind! We have complied these mobile statistics from a series of infographics we have gathered. Enjoy using them in your next report to stimulate some action around your mobile […]

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Online Video Statistics that Every Marketer Should Know [Infographic]

In order for CMO’s to function properly they need data. Online video is being used more and more by consumers and business professionals. How does online video impact your marketing campaigns? The new trends in videos online are really wonderful! We’ve gathered the most important online video statistics that every marketer should know and created […]

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4 Killer Mobile Device & Web Infographics From Pinterest

Here are some killer mobile device & web statistics. Is your company capitalizing on the mobile revolution? Are you leveraging mobile technology to boost sales and customer satisfaction? If you’ve answered no to either of these questions you’ll be interested to review these statistics and their accompanying infographic. Consider these facts if you’re not sure […]

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The Mechanics of Lead Generation: What Marketers Need to Know

What do marketers need to know about lead generation? It’s really a simple process when you look at it but it never hurts to dive into the details. A lot of focus is placed on generating traffic to your website but what happens once they are there? What happens when they have just completed reading […]

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How These 3 Homepages Are Designed to Convert Visitors Into Leads

Answering the question, how to convert visitors into leads, should be the first goal of every website design. In my opinion this is something that is often overlooked by designers as well as marketers. I wanted to write this article in order to simplify things and offer a bit of inspiration. Here are 3 examples […]

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