7 Ways to Generate More Clients from Your Website

Clients browsing website on laptop

Generating more clients is key for your b2b business to grow. Often your website is a static brochure that doesn’t even describe well what you provide. What if your website was your best sales representative? He/she would work around the clock, responding to the demands of prospects and leads? You can have this super sales rep in no time if you take these 7 ways to generate more clients from your website to heart. Lets dive in.

#1: Identify Your Client Acquisition Goals

You’ll hear me speak often about how marketing tactics without a strategy is pointless. I can’t encourage you enough to sit down and actually write down your client acquisition goals. This you can then develop your strategy around achieving this goal. Without a goal you’re going to go in a lot of directions and waste a lot of time. Nobody likes to waste time and this is why if you do this first step and write down it down, you will 76 percent more likely to accomplish your goal.

#2: Analyze Your Website

When you’re ideal client visits your website, what is the first thing that they see? What information are you presenting to your prospects? Is the content a mess all over the page? Is the website easy to navigate? Does it work well on a mobile device? Depending on your website audit you’ve just performed you’ll likely agree that you need to improve. Your website is often times the first impression that your prospect will have of your business. If something is out of place, missing, or not showing up properly, you’ll not be giving the type of impression that you need to.

#3: Create Lead Generating Offers

Offers are pieces of valuable content from which your prospect can benefit. They come in many shapes and sizes such as ebooks, coupons, webinars, or guides. You can see from a previous article a full list of 20 inbound marketing offers you can create right now (video). This is how you can generate leads. You give them this information for free and they give you their online currency: personal contact information. From here you’ll be able to nurture them into a client!

#4: Start Blogging on a Schedule

Generating more inbound traffic is key to increasing your leads. This also helps you build a long lasting snowball effect online presence. Each blog post and article builds your library of expertise and gives your prospects an additional avenue for finding your website. Did you know that blogging can generate 55% more traffic? How about that blogging can generate you 88% more leads? This is some encouraging news but that’s not all. Blogging gives you a pulpit to showcase your expertise. This is what’s most important with a blog and the leads will flow in. Don’t let the excitement of generating a lot of content and letting a schedule dictate the quality of your blogs. The quality standards that we adhere to for blogging are: is it worth writing, reading, and sharing? If its yes, yes, yes, then its great content.

#5: Add Social Media Sharing Options To Your Website

Now that you’re developing all of this great blog content you need to make it easy for your visitors to share it. There are a lot of fancy plugins for wordpress that make adding the social sharing buttons to every page very simple but if not, you’ll need either a social media consultant or web developer to install them. The most important b2b social media sharing buttons that you should include on your website are LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and if you’re posting a lot of photos, Pinterest. Facebook is good too but it’s not indexed by Google and your b2b clients might not be on there as much. (Every business is different so consult your inbound marketing strategy before making any decisions).

#6: Share Your Blog Post on Social Media

So your prospects are reading and sharing your content that they find on search engines and the next part is for you to share your content. Since LinkedIn is more of a b2b social networking website that’s the first place I’d start. Share your blogs on your personal feed and also your company’s LinkedIn feed. You can further expand your reach by sharing your content on a LinkedIn group. I share articles there all the time and they can generate quite the conversation! Don’t forget that this isn’t the place to sell your services but share your knowledge. Share your content on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook as well.

#7: Add a Newsletter or Blog Subscription Sign Up Form

Keeping your visitors engaged is essential to moving them from a prospect to a client. Incorporating a newsletter or blog subscription form can increase your subscriber base rapidly. Sending them emails on a regular schedule will keep them engaged and your business on the top of their mind. You’ll further increase the likelihood that they will return to your website and download one of your offers or share your content with their peers.


Overall your website holds huge potential for helping you get more clients. I hope that you can take these simple steps and generate more clients from your website today! I’m looking forward to answering your questions and hearing your feedback in the comments below. Enjoy!

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4 Steps to Get Started with Writing a Lead Generating Blog


So you’ve decided to start blogging here are some simple steps to get started easily with blogging. As you know blogging is a great way to generate more traffic to your website. Blogging also has many more benefits aside from generating more traffic. Writing a lead generating blog also makes you a thought leader in your industry. This can be especially useful when your prospective clients are looking for your services.

Step 1: Have a Blog on your Website

This one might seem a little obvious but essential. There are many different kinds of blogs that you can have some of them are built into your CRM like WordPress or Drupal if you’re a HubSpot user you have a blog with your subscription. You’re not limited to just one or two options you can also use Tumblr or Blogger, etc. to start blogging.

Step 2: Create Subject List and Blog Content Strategy

After you have a blog on the website you need to think about what you want to blog about. Having an idea of the problems or solutions that your prospective clients are looking for online should play a heavy role in the type of content that you’re going to write about. 

Creating a strategy for the type of content you’re going to write about will really help you save time and energy. Content plans will simplify the writing process and you will find that it will be much easier to blog on a consistent level to help draw in more traffic.

Step 3: Three Parts of Writing a Great Blog Post

  • Outline
  • Intro, Meat, Conclusion
  • Value


  • Outline:
    Once you have chosen your topic for your blog post you’re going to want to create an outline. This goes back to writing 101. It’s a simple concept but it’s amazing how man people don’t put this into practice. Outlines help the overall flow of the article and your readers will appreciate your attention to detail.
  • Intro, Meat, Conclusion:
    Start with an introductory paragraph. Use this as a way to give an overview of the topics you’re going to write in the article. This helps give the reader at the very beginning a general idea of what this entire blog is going to be about. The next few paragraphs of your post will consist of the meat of the article. Finally after you’ve written the main body of content, finish up with a conclusion or summary paragraph.
  • Value:
    Each and every article that you write needs to provide value to the reader. I can’t emphasis this more. Create content that gives the reader something worth reading. We use a motto: If you wont read, like or share, neither will anyone else.

Step 4: Include Call-to-Actions on Every Post

Including call-to-actions (CTA’s) are an essential part of creating a lead generating blog. This is how you’re able to capture your leads. You’ve attracted your ideal visitor to your website and now it’s time to turn them into a lead. There are a lot of different kinds of marketing offers that can convert your visitors to leads. You’ll want to place at least one CTA on each post.


There you have it. 4 ways that you can get started with a lead generating blog. Creating the content will increase your traffic. Writing a well formatted and structured article will provide value to your readers. Finally, using CTA’s you’ll be able to convert your visitors into leads. Please leave your questions and comments below. I look forward to hearing what you think!

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3 Essential Website Requirements for Generating More Sales Leads

3 Essential Website Requirements for Generating More Sales Leads

Throughout the year, companies need to assess their website against three essential lead generating requirements. As you know the internet marketing environment is changing every day however the fundamentals of lead generating websites remain consistent. A website needs to be focused on these three elements and then have everything move down the priority list from there. Your website needs to attract visitors, provide a superior user experience, and of course, have the ability to capture leads. Generating more sales leads is the bread and butter of a website.

Attracting More Visitors to Your Website

What is the point of having a website unless people are viewing it? A website without traffic is like a river without water. You’re left with a barren wasteland and zero growth. How do you increase the flow of visitors to your website? Many B2B and B2C companies are finding that blogging significantly increasing their website traffic. According to HubSpot, B2B companies that blog receive 53% more visitors than businesses that do not. Needless to say, creating content has a major impact on your website traffic.Social media is another method for increasing exposure and traffic to your website. Sharing your blog content across multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will attract more visitors.

Provide A Superior User Experience

Once you have a good handle on attracting website visitors, it’s key to have them remain on your website. Consider what other things you can do to provide value to your reader. Do you offer images or photos from in your blog articles? Do you provide free resources or downloads that complement your articles? Are you using videos or sideshows to showcase your expertise? Is your website easy to navigate or do you provide related article suggestions that can keep your visitor on your website? Is your website cluttered with advertisements? If you answered yes to that, what can you do to keep the ads but clean them up at the same time? As you can see, there are a lot of ways that you can give your website visitors another reason to stay on your website or to keep coming back.

Capture leads with your website

Generating sales qualified leads is an essential requirement for your company’s website. This can be accomplished in many ways. Going back to adding value to your visitors time on your website is the offer. Having an offer is where lead generation begins.

What kind of offers can you create?

  • ebook
  • whitepaper
  • guide
  • cheat sheet / tip sheet
  • assessment


There are definitely more types of content you can create as offers but this lists a few. Take these offers and build out CTA’s, Landing Pages, and Forms. Using this style of marketing is an effective way to generate more leads from your website.

If you’re looking for a guide to get started with online marketing we recommend our free ebook: 7 steps to online marketing. Download the ebook to get started with inbound marketing today!

Attract Visitors, Superior Visitor Experience, & Capture Leads

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The Mechanics of Lead Generation: What Marketers Need to Know

the mechanics of lead generation

What do marketers need to know about lead generation? It’s really a simple process when you look at it but it never hurts to dive into the details. A lot of focus is placed on generating traffic to your website but what happens once they are there? What happens when they have just completed reading one of your articles or pages and just can’t wait to learn more? How can you generate leads without understanding the mechanics of lead generation? We are now going to dive into the four primary aspects of a lead generating machine.


lead generation mechanics. Offers, CTAs, Landing Pages, and Forms.


1. Lead Generation Mechanics: It Starts With The Offer


Website Redesign eBookCreating an intriguing offer is the first step to getting a lead to convert. This is a piece of content that is perceived to be of great value to the prospect. There are tons of different kinds of content that you can create for offers. These include white papers, ebooks, free consultations, coupons, etc. Here’s a video of 20 types of inbound marketing content that you can use for inspiration. Once you decide what kind of offer you’re going to create, it needs to be down right amazing! This needs to be the best piece of content that you could possibly create. Making your offer absolutely irresistible is essential to triggering your prospect into taking action. So, create an offer that nobody can refuse and move onto the next step.

2. Lead Generation Mechanics: The Secret Sauce is Your Call-To-Action


Creating an effective call-to-action (CTA) is the next essential step to lead generation. A CTA is made up of either text, an image or a button. These then link directly to a landing page for prospects to complete the offer. CTA’s need to draw in people’s attention so that people can find your offer. If your Call-to-Action is not successful at grabbing people’s attention and enticing them to click, the entire process so far is useless. Use graphics or contrasting text as your buttons and place them above the fold so that people are more likely to see them. Sometimes colors effect the way people think so you might check out an infographic about how color effects the buying process here. Get your CTA’s created and on your website and point them to a landing page. [hs_action id=”9964″]


3. Lead Generation Mechanics: Funnel Them to a Landing Page


landing page exampleLanding pages could be by far the most important piece of the inbound marketing puzzle. According to MarketingSherpa’s research, landing pages are effective for 94% of B2B and B2C companies. Using a landing page to funnel your visitors to in order to complete an offer creates a direct objective of what you want the visitor to do. You can place essential information that the visitor can use to decide (with a nudge or two) to complete the form and get your offer. Don’t clutter the landing page full of useless information or distractions. Use bullet points to breakdown the information if you have a lot o content. You’re heard of K.I.S.S. right? Keep it simple stupid! Don’t overcomplicate the landing page or you’ll likely loose the prospect to a distraction. If you do overcomplicate the landing page you run the risk of the visitor missing the point all together.

4. Lead Generation Mechanic: Forms are like Chocolate to Strawberries


form exampleWe have our visitors on a landing page and it time for them to complete the form. If chocolate and strawberries were made for each other than forms are the chocolate to the strawberry landing page.  This is where we need to make sure that the information that we are asking for on the form is valued the same as the offer that we are providing to the visitor. If you ask for a lot of information and the visitor doesn’t think that your offer is worth it, you’ll have a very low conversion rate. Nobody wants squishy strawberries – keep the form above the fold, simple and sweet (like chocolate).

For marketers, understanding the basics of lead generation is the first step to increasing your funnel for sales. With an awesome offer, an irresistible CTA, a landing page and sweet form, you’ll be on the right path to inbound marketing success.
Knowing how lead generation falls within your inbound marketing strategy for beginners can be confusing. Download our ebook: 7 Steps to Online Marketing and get started on the right track.


How These 3 Homepages Are Designed to Convert Visitors Into Leads

How These 3 Homepages Are Designed to Convert Visitors Into Leads

Answering the question, how to convert visitors into leads, should be the first goal of every website design. In my opinion this is something that is often overlooked by designers as well as marketers. I wanted to write this article in order to simplify things and offer a bit of inspiration. Here are 3 examples of homepage designs that exemplify the traits of a quality lead generating website design.

The first example homepage: www.CapTap.com

– CapTap helps your business get the funding needed to keep business flowing.

homepage design that converts visitors to leads

When I first came across CapTap, I was immediately intrigued by the story telling aspect of the loan estimator. I felt almost compelled to fill in the blank to discover my own story of what kind of business loan I could receive. Of course I completed the form and excitedly pressed “get started”. The story continues with the estimated loan amount and a form to complete.

Why is this a great lead generating homepage design? For starters, one of the best ways to capture peoples attention is to tell a story. The design draws in the visitor with not just any story but one that is personalized. Next, we come to a section that answers some typical questions that visitors might have. This is a section that is often missed by designers and not emphasized enough by marketers. Overcoming common objections is a vital part of the sales process and getting them out of the way at the very beginning is a great way to start.

Our second example: www.olark.com

– Chat with your customers.

Homepage design that converts visitors to leads

When first landing in their homepage we are greeted with Olark‘s logo, description and tag line. We know exactly what they do, and the benefits that they provide to their customers. “Chat with your customers – Create trust, loyalty, & happiness.” Wow that’s awesome, what business owner doesn’t want this? There are two distinct call-to-actions: Learn more & Get Started. The dual CTA’s speak to buyers at different stages in the sales process. Learn more is for those that are in the research/discovery phase and get started is for those that are on the edge of buying or are in buy-now-mode. Overall it’s an excellent homepage for converting visitors to leads or even customers.

Third Example Homepage Design: www.HubSpot.com

– All-in-one marketing software.

Homepage design that converts visitors to leads

I might have a certain affinity towards HubSpot since we are certified HubSpot partners however I promise that I’m using them as an example because their homepage really does lend itself for conversions. The two previous examples are certainly implemented quite well on the HubSpot homepage but they have taken their CTA’s to a whole new level. After scrolling through a lot of features and benefits and testimonials we come to three CTA’s that are hard to pass up.

  • Questions? Call us.
  • Request a Demo.
  • Start a free trial.

When we mentioned the different buying phases earlier we really only had two to choose from. These CTA’s encompass all three. Questions? Call us. – this overcomes the detailed research phase. Request a Demo – this is for those that are in the middle of the process and are choosing the right service/product for their needs. Start a free trial – this is for those that know what they want to but and are ready to make a decision, right after getting their feet wet, hands dirty or whatever kind of analogy you want to throw in there. Overall the homepage design provides a great avenue for visitors to convert into leads.


What were the best lead converting aspects of these homepage designs? They each had professional graphics, were well written and thought out.

The main takeaways: 

  • Say what you do (Tell a story)
  • Say why you do it
  • Use multiple CTA’s for different buying stages
  • Overcome objections by answering buyer questions.

So, it might be time for some of you to send your homepage back to the drawing board for further review. Your website is a major player for your inbound marketing. Getting visitors to your website is one part but converting visitors to leads is the next step of the process. Design an inviting homepage with what you do, why to do it, CTA’s, and answers to common objections and you’re on your way to converting more leads and making more sales.

If you’re considering an overhaul of your website design or just want to implement what you’ve learned about lead generating homepage designs check out our ebook: A Website Redesign Guide – 7 Steps to Optimize Your Website to Increase Leads. This eBook serves as a blue print for business owners and marketers who want to capitalize on their most important Internet marketing asset: their website.

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Need Help Promoting Your Business? Use An Animated Promo Video!

Animated Promo videos are a perfect way to promote your business. We are going to breakdown the benefits of using video to engage your prospects, drive conversions, and increase your revenue. The more and more our culture embraces video as the preferred method for learning and absorbing information, videos will be a marketing essential for every business.

Promo Videos Drive User Engagement

Creating a tactic that has an overwhelming effect on people and draws in an audience is every marketers dream. Isn’t it? Did you know that video engages users over 400% more than other mediums? Why would your business not want to have that kind of user engagement? There are many kinds of animated videos that can certainly benefit your business. Here’s an example promo video that we created for our client Enchanted Careers.


Creative Promo Videos Drive Conversions

Conversions, conversions, conversions… We ear this all the time. How many of our website visitors have we been able to convert into leads? Not only good leads, but qualified leads that sales is begging us marketers for. You see, video has a fascinating track record of guiding people through the buying process. Once you have them engaged it’s now time to get them to offer up a little information in gratitude for educating them or the potential of receiving your special offer. The best promotional videos provide a superb method for delivering your core messaging. Being concise and direct can go a long way in wooing your prospective clients into converting with a landing page and a form.



Animated Videos Increase Your Company’s Revenue

Lets face it, video is absolutely amazing. How video factors into buying: Video provides a 64% increase in a prospect’s propensity to buy after watching a video. Ask yourself, how many videos do you watch from a company that you’re looking to make a purchase from? Odds are you’re one of the 64% that is on their way to making a purchase after watching a video. Why is video so captivating and why are we drawn into it so easily Video grabs hold of our senses and stimulates our brains. Both our eyes and ears are dedicated to absorbing the information in a video. This type of engagement coupled with the increased odds of buying have a direct impact on your business’s bottom line. Might we suggest creating a motion graphics promo video to help engage your prospects, drive conversions, and increase your revenue? What type of successful and cutting edge business would not want this?

Promo Videos Help Your Internet Marketing Too

Videos will also make your internet marketing team happy. Using an animated video on your website allows you to create a video thumbnail. In this manner you’re able to optimize your videos for search engines and help your prospects find your company. A recently study by SocialMediaToday.com showed that videos have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text in universal search results. If you have a video and your competition doesn’t, you’re in really good shape.


Please leave your comments and questions!

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4 Essential On-Page Content Marketing Tips for Marketers (VIDEO)

Here are 4 essential on-page content marketing tips that every internet marketer should be using. Use these tips and tricks because there are a lot of on-page tactics that marketers have used to create written content but not all work. What kind of strategies are you deploying? Generating quality content on your website is the first step to increasing traffic, generating leads and increasing sales. These marketing tips for your content will certainly improve your content quality results. Now, lets get to it.

1. Regularly Publish Content

Step on is to publish content on a regular basis. Don’t go a week without posting content on your blog. If you don’t have a blog, get one, and get one fast. The content that you publish on your blog needs to be in your niche. This is a perfect way to show your potential customers that you’re an expert in your line of business.

2. Create Original Content

The content that you create needs to be original. You can’t plagiarize or otherwise copy someone else’s content. Not only is copying content unethical, it’s not right and illegal in many places. It can actually deliver the opposite results you’re seeking and reduce the traffic to your website. Google has always said to not duplicate content or you risk having your website penalized in the search engine rankings.

3. Develop Well Written Content

Develop content that is well written and free from gramatical errors. In other words – don’t publish content full of errors. Proof read your blogs and website pages. You’re trying to draw customers in and not push them away with silly mistakes. Take the extra time with your article and write an outline. This little step can go a long way to producing a well written article.

4. Create Informative and Valuable Content

Write content that is truly valuable to the reader. It should be informative and showcase your knowledge on the subject matter. A well written article will leave the reader feeling empowered to make the write buying decisions. An additional benefit of writing content that people find valuable is that they are more likely to share that content over social media channels. This can have ginormous effects on your website’s traffic and your company’s lead generation results. You might even include a relevant call-to-action at the end of your article as an added value to the reader.

Summery: 4 Essential On-Page Content Marketing Tips

Now that we’ve reviewed these content marketing tips and tricks that are essential to your inbound marketing success, you should be one step closer to complete internet marketing domination in your market. As alway, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll be quick to respond.

Shameless Plug: Get your marketing off on the right track – download our free ebook: 7 Steps to Internet Marketing. Do this now!

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Online Video Adoption Soars: 50% of Online Traffic is Video?

50 percent of online traffic is video

50% of Internet Traffic is Video

The adoption of online video is a metric that marketers cannot ignore. When Cisco released an internet traffic study they have determined that 50% of internet traffic is going to be video. As a marketing agency and Atlanta video production company, our experience with clients using video has been a success. The statistics from leading research companies like comScore, Forester Research and eMarketer are hard to close an eye to. Has your business seen the rise in online video adoption among your competitors?


YouTube is a Major Player of Online Video Distribution and Consumption


YouTube is the online video giant mustering over 4 billion daily views. The amount of video content that is stored on their servers is astronomical. There are over 2.5 days worth of video uploaded every minute. This number is growing daily as more and more people use PCs, tablets, and mobile devices to share their videos online.


How can your business leverage online video to drive traffic, generate leads, and close sales?


75% of C-Suite executives surveyed said that they watch work-related online video content on business-related websites at least weekly. Does your inbound marketing strategy include video as a pillar of content creation? Depending on who you sell to, these numbers can be very exciting to marketers.


How Effective are Online Videos?


Thus far we have established that a lot of video content is being uploaded and watched online everyday but how effective is all of this online video? The following statistics support the use and effectiveness of video content online.

  • 400% higher engagement than static content
  • 2-3 times higher email click-thru rates with video
  • 64% increase in a prospect’s propensity to buy after watching video
  • 9% increase of time on website with video

Marketing videos can be leveraged across virtually any marketing channel. Online videos can bridge your website, mobile, landing pages, events, email marketing, QR codes, and social media marketing.


SEO Content Marketing Strategies are Influenced by Video on Google


Adopting online video into your marketing strategy can also help your content rank better on search engines. According to Forrester Research, an indexed video on Google  stands a 50 times greater chance of ranking on the first page results than any textual page.


Adopting Online Video Into Your Marketing Strategy


After seeing how rapidly video is being used by your competition in their marketing strategy, you should be convinced to add online video into your own marketing strategy. Consider your video goals and focus them on how to drive leads and conversions. We have an ebook titled 7 Steps to Online Marketing (with Video). This guide will help you get started and on the right track. When it comes time for your video production, we have an ebook guide for corporate video production as well. If you have any questions or comments please comment below, I’ll be quick to respond.

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The Impact of Content on Website Traffic is Staggering

Impact of Content on Website Traffic

Website traffic is the life blood of any online lead generation strategy. When doing the simple math, if you increase traffic, you’ll increase leads which will in turn mean more sales. What is the impact of content on your website traffic? In this recent report from HubSpot, the numbers are staggering. The influence that amazing content has on your website’s traffic each month is so great that cannot be ignored.

Content Marketing Facts:

[list style=”style2″]

  • Companies with 51-100 pages pages generate 48% more traffic than those websites with 1 to 50 pages.
  • Companies with over 50 employees and 1000+ web pages see 9.5 times more traffic than companies under 51 pages.


The correlation between the amount of pages that you have on your website with the quantity of website traffic is really not a surprise when you think about it. The old saying “if you build it, they will come” is certainly applicable here. However, if you build a small website you’re likely to receive a small number of visitors.

Quick Tips: How to Increase Website Traffic with Superior Content Marketing

Think about everything that is involved with your business. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field has a major influence in your customers buying decisions. Create content that discusses the many different facets of your business. By doing so, when people search for a topic relative to your business, you’re company’s website is more likely to appear as an option for them to learn more. Make sure the content provides value!

The Quantity of Website Content has an Impact on Leads Generated

Here’s an encouraging statistic about content and leads. B2B companies with 101 to 200 pages generate 2.5 times more leads than those with 50 or fewer pages. Simply put, the more pages – the more leads. Ask yourself, how many leads are we getting now? How many leads would we like to be getting? Now, what are we going to do to capitalize on this report? I’ll conclude with some content marketing tips that we deploy ourselves.

Content Marketing Tips:

[list style=”style2″]

  • Write blog articles on topics that position you as an expert.
  • Write content that provides real value to the reader.
  • Do not write content for search engines.
  • Include a call to action at the end of every article but don’t over do it.
  • Practice what you preach.
  • Types of content you can create: blog articles, videos (promo, training, educational series, web commercials, etc), ebooks, whitepapers, and infographics.
  • Keep the content concise and on topic.

If you have any questions, please comment below and if you’d like a free ebook to help you get started, click here: 7 Steps to Online Marketing.

How And Why Content Curation Is Important To Marketing

Content curation has become and is becoming the most effective way for businesses to market themselves on the internet. Content curation is a process comprised of finding, organizing, and sharing online content through multiple mediums and outlets. Proper content curation utilizes social media, sharing, pinning, tweeting, liking, commenting and posting the content in order to get it out to as many people as possible.

The idea is that with social media connections the content will start to snowball bringing more and more website visitors back to the business’ original site. Everybody knows that a website with a lot of visitors is a website that can potentially generate a lot of money. Obtaining loyal website visitors can be hard, because every major brand has a strong website. With so many corporations with websites, more and more businesses are looking to produce and manage their own online content in today’s up to date internet community.

Schedule Your Posts:

Sites that can regularly provide beneficial content are most successful. Scheduling a date and time for content publication can be huge, just as important as making sure that your content is relevant. Be sure to post with frequency and make sure what you’re putting up is up to date.

Publish Trustworthy Material:

Make sure your information is relevant to your audience, and original. This means writing and producing your own stuff, or hiring an inbound marketing team to do it for you (DCD cough cough). It’s always smart to obtain feedback about your content to better tailor it towards your audience.

Use Social Media to Promote:

Promote good content online with social media. Repost through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social media sites. Award good content that you find online with your social media approval. Hopefully your online kindness will be recognized and this will help establish your company as a “good guy” online.

It’s as if the need for instant gratification is spurring internet surfers to the information they want at an increasingly fast pace. The need for good content is definitely there because of the ease of access on the internet. Google’s indexing weeds out pages with high bounce rates, and short page view times, so they’re helping promote good information on the web.

In the end it’s all about the content you can produce, and how many loyal visitors you can earn. With smart content curation that provides scheduled updates, trustworthy material, and social media optimization any business can flourish.

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How to Increase Video Viewership and Obtain More Leads!


Video has developed into a strong and cost effective marketing tool. Companies using video is becoming what a website was ten years ago; companies that are using video now, and using video well, are flourishing. How can you increase your video viewership? As a trusted video production agency in Atlanta, we recommend two things that need to happen in order to use video effectively. The first being increasing your viewership; or the number of people viewing your videos, and the second is obtaining more leads from your video. The leads will come with the views, but how do you keep your audience interested?

Make Shorter Videos:

If your videos are short and to the point it can make all the difference in whether or not viewers watch them all of the way through. In a study done by Wistia two videos were shown. There was a ten second difference in length of the videos. 72% of viewers finished the shorter video, while only 50% of viewers finished the longer video.

Keep Viewers Interested:

Studies show that viewer interest wanes an declines as time goes on. If there’s something that you really want your viewers to see its best to get it on screen in one of the earlier shots so they’ll stay interested and keep watching. Front load your videos with information because people don’t normally won’t make it to the end.

Manage Video Play Rates:

The play rate is the percentage of unique visitors that click play when they are presented with video. This is a very important, and often overlooked, aspect of video analytics. It may seem like common sense, but a high play rate means a high percentage of people receiving your message. Factors that affect play rate are thumbnails, placement of video on the page, size of the video, and the video’s content. It’s key to know your audience and measure your play rate and to find out exactly what your viewers are looking for so you can more effectively reach them.

More video views mean more leads. If you want to increase your leads, shorten your videos, front load information, and measure your play rates. Contact us today for a no hassle video production consultation.