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7 Ways to Generate More Clients from Your Website

Generating more clients is key for your b2b business to grow. Often your website is a static brochure that doesn’t even describe well what you provide. What if your website was your best sales representative? He/she would work around the clock, responding to the demands of prospects and leads? You can have this super sales […]

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4 Steps to Get Started with Writing a Lead Generating Blog

So you’ve decided to start blogging here are some simple steps to get started easily with blogging. As you know blogging is a great way to generate more traffic to your website. Blogging also has many more benefits aside from generating more traffic. Writing a lead generating blog also makes you a thought leader in your industry. […]

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3 Essential Website Requirements for Generating More Sales Leads

Throughout the year, companies need to assess their website against three essential lead generating requirements. As you know the internet marketing environment is changing every day however the fundamentals of lead generating websites remain consistent. A website needs to be focused on these three elements and then have everything move down the priority list from […]

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The Mechanics of Lead Generation: What Marketers Need to Know

What do marketers need to know about lead generation? It’s really a simple process when you look at it but it never hurts to dive into the details. A lot of focus is placed on generating traffic to your website but what happens once they are there? What happens when they have just completed reading […]

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How These 3 Homepages Are Designed to Convert Visitors Into Leads

Answering the question, how to convert visitors into leads, should be the first goal of every website design. In my opinion this is something that is often overlooked by designers as well as marketers. I wanted to write this article in order to simplify things and offer a bit of inspiration. Here are 3 examples […]

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Need Help Promoting Your Business? Use An Animated Promo Video!

Animated Promo videos are a perfect way to promote your business. We are going to breakdown the benefits of using video to engage your prospects, drive conversions, and increase your revenue. The more and more our culture embraces video as the preferred method for learning and absorbing information, videos will be a marketing essential for […]

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4 Essential On-Page Content Marketing Tips for Marketers (VIDEO)

Here are 4 essential on-page content marketing tips that every internet marketer should be using. Use these tips and tricks because there are a lot of on-page tactics that marketers have used to create written content but not all work. What kind of strategies are you deploying? Generating quality content on your website is the first step […]

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Online Video Adoption Soars: 50% of Online Traffic is Video?

50% of Internet Traffic is Video The adoption of online video is a metric that marketers cannot ignore. When Cisco released an internet traffic study they have determined that 50% of internet traffic is going to be video. As a marketing agency and Atlanta video production company, our experience with clients using video has been […]

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The Impact of Content on Website Traffic is Staggering

Website traffic is the life blood of any online lead generation strategy. When doing the simple math, if you increase traffic, you’ll increase leads which will in turn mean more sales. What is the impact of content on your website traffic? In this recent report from HubSpot, the numbers are staggering. The influence that amazing […]

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How And Why Content Curation Is Important To Marketing

Content curation has become and is becoming the most effective way for businesses to market themselves on the internet. Content curation is a process comprised of finding, organizing, and sharing online content through multiple mediums and outlets. Proper content curation utilizes social media, sharing, pinning, tweeting, liking, commenting and posting the content in order to […]

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How to Increase Video Viewership and Obtain More Leads!

Video has developed into a strong and cost effective marketing tool. Companies using video is becoming what a website was ten years ago; companies that are using video now, and using video well, are flourishing. How can you increase your video viewership? As a trusted video production agency in Atlanta, we recommend two things that […]

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