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Inbound Marketing with Video for Law Firms & Attorneys

Let’s face it, law firms have had a harder time generating leads and new clients as competition has increased. Some law firms work with individual clients, while other firms specialize in B2B clients. Inbound marketing with video content can set your law firm apart from the rest and attract both of these target personas. Law […]

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How to Increase Email Marketing Results with Video Marketing

Marketing for any business can often prove challenging. Even after you learn your key demographic, you need to know how to reach them and discover the best method for interacting with them as well. Email marketing is one of the most used methods of communicating with potential customers. There is no one right answer, but […]

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The How and Why Blogging is Such an Effective Lead Generation Tactic

Creating content is the life blood of an inbound marketing campaign. Blogging is one of if not the most effective ways of generating traffic to your website. The question arises, how does blogging generate leads? Why does blogging generate leads? You might also ask, what is this inbound marketing thing? The great thing is that […]

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Why Most Video Production Companies Don’t Get Online Video Marketing

I really think that when it comes to video marketing the majority of video production companies get it wrong. There are major differences between each type of video that you can create. I hope not to upset too many production companies with my next rant but I have to get it off my chest. You […]

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8 Reasons You Should Invest In Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing should be at the fore front of every marketing professional’s mind in 2014. The desire by many businesses to increase sales and make profits can be achieved if proper investment is done in Inbound marketing. You need to ensure that you create data that is designed to specifically appeal or impress your clients. […]

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Build an Audience and Get Your Video Content Marketing Noticed Online

Get your video content marketing noticed online and grow your audience with these 5 tips from professional marketers and video production experts.

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6 Things About Inbound Marketing Your Boss Needs To Know

Many business owners and CEOs are investing in inbound marketing. This new approach is arguably the most effective and cost friendly marketing strategy.

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How Video Content Marketing Enhances Your Content Marketing Efforts

Online video is a win-win for providing quality content to your customers and for enhancing web SEO visibility.

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Use Video Marketing to Nurture Leads and Increase Conversion Rates

Businesses can make use of the power of video blogging to nurture leads and increase conversions, and take their businesses to the next level.

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Why Video is a Perfect Addition to Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing is the newest trend that helps ensure that your brand gets out there in front of people who want to see it, without being pushy. By engaging people using the platforms they already utilize on a daily basis, brands can cross the line from stuffy corporate office to down to earth, real people […]

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4 Ways an Animated Video Production Can Benefit Your Inbound Marketing

As marketing professionals and business owners, we are constantly searching for efficient methods for conveying information to our prospects. As the internet marketing landscape continues to change, video is emerging as a dominating force. Estimating to be over 50% of internet traffic by 2016, integrating videos with inbound marketing is the next step for many […]

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