How to Optimize Online Video Content for Search Engines (and Viewers)

Online video content is still in its early stages, and many people are confused about how to best use video content so that it will engage viewers and rank high in search engines. Video Search Engine Optimization is still a new field, but there are some basic principles that you can follow and tips you can incorporate when creating and marking content. Here are 5 ways that you can optimize your online video content for viewers as well as search engines.

How to Optimize Online Video Content:

Create Video Description

  • One thing to note is that unlike text, web crawlers can not crawl the actual content of the video itself. This is why it is important to create descriptions that clearly describe the video, while remembering to incorporate key words that users are actually searching for.

Use Video Tags

  • Another thing that it is important to use when working on video SEO is to remember to properly use meta data tags in your video. Make sure to use tags that properly describe the video, and that focus on the type of traffic you are trying to attract. A good marketing agency can help you do this well, and teach you the more subtle secrets.

Create Interesting Content (not boring)

  • Create interesting content that both informs and entertains viewers. Work with a good video production company that knows how to create quality content, and has the equipment and resources to do so. Good video SEO is useless if viewers are turned off by shoddy content and boring videos. You want something that is interesting to look at and leaves the viewer with new information.

Simplify Your Message in Your Video

  • Make sure the content has a clear simple message. People usually only remember the last few and first few minutes of what they hear, read and see, so keep it short and simple. Most people are only likely to remember a few main points, and are unlikely to remember every small detail. Focus on what is important.

Make an Obvious Connection with Your Brand

  • Make sure the message is relevant to your company and your brand. It’s worthless to you if a video goes viral and no one can connect it to your company. You want to do more than just leave people with something to remember. The most important thing you want them to do is remember you and complete a call to action. Many successful memorable ad campaigns were really worthless because the brand was unclear. Remember the Darth Vader kid from the 2011 Super Commercial? Remember what brand it was for?


The best online video marketing comes from creating high quality content that relates to your brand and uses good descriptions and meta tags to appear high in online searches for relevant keywords. You’ll be off to a great start if you also incorporate these video optimization tactics when you’re creating an inbound marketing campaign.

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