How to Increase Video Viewership and Obtain More Leads!

Video has developed into a strong and cost effective marketing tool. Companies using video is becoming what a website was ten years ago; companies that are using video now, and using video well, are flourishing. How can you increase your video viewership? As a trusted video production agency in Atlanta, we recommend two things that need to happen in order to use video effectively. The first being increasing your viewership; or the number of people viewing your videos, and the second is obtaining more leads from your video. The leads will come with the views, but how do you keep your audience interested?

Make Shorter Videos:

If your videos are short and to the point it can make all the difference in whether or not viewers watch them all of the way through. In a study done by Wistia two videos were shown. There was a ten second difference in length of the videos. 72% of viewers finished the shorter video, while only 50% of viewers finished the longer video.

Keep Viewers Interested:

Studies show that viewer interest wanes an declines as time goes on. If there’s something that you really want your viewers to see its best to get it on screen in one of the earlier shots so they’ll stay interested and keep watching. Front load your videos with information because people don’t normally won’t make it to the end.

Manage Video Play Rates:

The play rate is the percentage of unique visitors that click play when they are presented with video. This is a very important, and often overlooked, aspect of video analytics. It may seem like common sense, but a high play rate means a high percentage of people receiving your message. Factors that affect play rate are thumbnails, placement of video on the page, size of the video, and the video’s content. It’s key to know your audience and measure your play rate and to find out exactly what your viewers are looking for so you can more effectively reach them.

More video views mean more leads. If you want to increase your leads, shorten your videos, front load information, and measure your play rates. Contact us today for a no hassle video production consultation.

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David Caron is the Founder and CEO of DCD - Complete Marketing Solutions, an inbound Marketing Agency. DCD helps companies remain visible in a world where attention is becoming scarce. DCD does this by creating strategies that put your business in front of your ideal clients. Eloquently delivering your story, how they want to see it, where they are looking for it and when they are wanting to buy. Connect with David on Twitter @DavidCaronDC.
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