How To Be Found More Easily On Google Using Video

All businesses have websites these days, and being noticed out of the lineup can be difficult. The first step to learning how to be found more easily on Google is having websites properly indexed in Google, if you can be found here you’re off to a good start. Blogging can also be vital for being found on search engines. Aside from these two methods, there is an even better way.

How To Be Found More Easily On Google Using Your Promo Video:

There’s a new pattern to how people find websites and information. This pattern involves a transition from YouTube, to Facebook and Twitter, and finally to where we all want to be Google. Step one is putting up a video on YouTube. You could produce a promotional video, or educational videos. Everybody in Atlanta uses promo videos featuring the great things about their companies. The next step is to continuously upload new YouTube videos as educational videos for you clients. As the new videos go up people will receive social alerts taking your video from YouTube to Facebook and Twitter and finally to Google, where you want it. Google looks at YouTube heavily, and they will find websites with YouTube videos before ones that do not. This is a way Google kind of skips the Facebook and Twitter phase of this cycle, but there is still an exponential growth if the video is posted on Facebook and Twitter.

What Video Means To Your Businesses’s Marketing

What does all this mean for businesses? This means a consistent YouTube channel that is going to produce those much needed educational videos to keep the buzz going about your product. For example: say I opened a Yarn company tomorrow. The best way to get word out there about your product would be inbound marketing through YouTube subscribers, this means producing those educational YouTube videos that are going to be followed. DCD is an Atlanta based inbound marketing company that can help get your business into this cycle, and ultimately found on YouTube.