How Much Does A Video Production Cost? Part 3

In our previous articles we have have touched on several aspects of video production including, Pre Production, Scripting, Locations, Professional Talent, HD Cameras, and Lighting Equipment. We are now going to address the post production process and how it impacts the cost of a typical Atlanta video production.

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Post Production Video Details:

  • Post Production Overview
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • 3D Modeling for Video Productions

Post Production Overview

Post production is where the magic continues. We have now moved from the set or on-location video production to the video editing booth. Post production costs can vary greatly. If a good plan was outlined from the beginning, the costs can be estimated quite well. If there was lack of planning or poor execution, the costs of post production can grow exponentially. Overall, an excellent Atlanta video production company that specializes in business video, corporate video and promo videos, can estimate and execute a video production script within nearly any budget.

Video Editing

Video editing compiles the many clips and tracks onto a timeline. This allows the professional video editor to begin telling a story. The more footage you have from the video shoot means that the editor has more video footage to work with. This can increase the editing time required to complete a project. We follow a rule when filming: the footage is only as good as the footage you have captured – film everything! It’s better to have more video to edit than not enough to edit.

Special Effects

There are many video special effects available. Green screen videos and video overlays, motion tracking, filters, sound effects, etc, are all ways to increase the production value of your video. These video special effects will certainly influence the cost of your video production. As always, if you plan for it, you’ll have a better estimate on the cost of your video than if you don’t.

Motion Graphics and Animation Videos

Motion graphics and animation videos are an excellent and increasingly more popular form of video. These allow you to convey your message to your viewers in a precise and well thought out way. Motion graphics and animation videos include voice overs, music, and of course, the graphics. We have produced several motion graphics and animation videos which range in cost. How many graphics, the length of the video, and the complexity of the animations impact the cost of video productions.

3D Modeling for Video Productions

Using three dimensional animations of your product can greatly simplify and improve the way people understand and view your product. The greater the detail, the duration of the 3D modeling animation and complexity  of the graphics play an important roll in the cost of the video and 3D modeling animation.

Conclusion – Video Production Costs

Concluding our series of “how much does a video production cost” there are a few important factors. You must decide the cost per benefit and cost per feature. High-end products with a cheap video don’t mix. The higher the production value of your video, the greater the perception your viewers will have of your product, service or information. When discussing your next video production project, make sure to have open dialogue with the video production company regarding their video production capabilities. This will give you a better understanding about the complexity and importance of a competent video production crew and production company.

Please leave us your comments and questions and we will try our best to answer your video production questions.

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