How Much Do Professional Video Productions Cost? Part 2

Continuing our series of articles about ‘how much do professional video productions costs‘ here is part two. We are covering today filming on location, on camera talent, HD cameras, camera support equipment and grip (lighting) equipment. Continue on to part three: How Much Does A Video Production Cost? Part 3

Filming on-location:
Most people think of on location filming like the movies. Huge productions, hundreds of people, and expansive sets. Atlanta business video productions can certainly utilize these aspects however, they are not as common. Videography locations can vary depending on the type of video production. Most corporate videos can be filmed at the company office or in a filming studio. If you are filming a construction project, you might film at the construction site. Or if you are filming e-commerce product videos you might require a studio set with white backdrop. Some locations may require permits and a fee while others only the latter. There are many video production studios which allow additional services such as make up and dressing rooms, equipment rentals and production storage.

Professional On-Camera Talent vs. Do it yourself Talent

If your video production demands on-camera talent, you have two choices to make. Hiring professional talent or doing it yourself. Acting as the talent in your video will certainly reduce initial costs. There are somethings to consider before you make your decision. First, the talent will be the face of your company to all that view the video. this person better look good and confident on camera. Second, using professional video talent can reduce filming time since they are highly trained and understand the video production process. Typically a president or CEO is a good choice for a company overview video.

Video Camera Equipment:

Video cameras have been significantly reduced in price over the past few years. You can now find an excellent consumer grade camera for right around $300. There are even point and shoot cameras that film videos extremely well. This however does not mean that the professional cameras are any cheaper. Professional video production equipment doesn’t not carry a small price tag. When you hire a video production company, you’re paying for professional equipment and the quality of the video will certainly be higher than a consumer grade camera.

Camera Support Equipment:

You might be asking yourself what is camera support equipment? This equipment is what is used to support or hold the cameras. There are many types of camera support: tripods, monopods, steady cams, camera dollies, camera sliders, camera gliders, jibs, suction cup mounts and more. There are even robotic arms which can be programed to repeat certain movements and motions. Using these more specialized pieces of production equipment influence your Atlanta video production costs.

Grip Equipment (lighting):

Lighting is one of the most important elements in any video production. The lights used can directly correlate to the success of a video. Lights can be used to set moods, show off features, and create drama. In a business video production you will want at least 3 lights in order to properly light your subject. Some video scripts call for a more extensive lighting scenario in order to receive the desired effect. This will increase fees however they can be managed.

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How Much Does A Video Production Cost? Part 3


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