Essential Marketing: Why is Youtube Important To My Business?

This is a question that every business should ask themselves. More importantly every business’ marketing department should. We will explain a few reasons why YouTube is essential to every marketing and sales department.

Every single minute, thirty-five hours worth of new videos are uploaded to Youtube. This means that in the time it takes you to read this blog post (5 minutes) one hundred and seventy five hours worth of videos are going live on Youtube. That’s over seven days of new video uploaded in five minutes. Here’s a motion graphics video with many statistics regarding Youtube, online and mobile video.

96% of Internet users watch YouTube videos. It doesn’t matter if they are surfing the web, writing blogs, online shopping, or checking their Facebooks, billions of people are watching Youtube every second of every day. With so many new videos to choose from Youtube has something for everybody. Along with the convenience of Internet access on mobile devices there are no limitations to when and where people can watch Youtube.

Needless to say the market for advertising on Youtube has grown exponentially since its launch in 2005. Instead of creating an ad and putting it on television companies are now creating Youtube channels where their potential clients can watch and learn on their own time. Using traditional/outbound marketing you’re paying for a small 30-second window on public TV to pitch your product. If your ideal client is watching TV and spills coffee on their shirt during your commercial you’ve lost your opportunity to sell. If the same ideal client spills coffee on their shirt while watching your Youtube video they’ll pause the video, and watch it at their convenience later. If you had your videos online, you would be able to capture that audience.

Herein lies the beauty of inbound marketing. Instead of using your time to track down potential leads, your leads are tracking you down. They are searching for your business on the Internet, not the other way around. The more Youtube videos a company has the easier it will be to find them on Google, and that’s the first step to successful inbound marketing.

You can find the statistics that we sited in this post: [INFOGRAPHICS] 11 Infographics – Video Production & Internet Marketing

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