Corporate Trade Show Video Example Featuring Motion Graphics

We would all agree that trade shows are cut throat. Everyone is battling for eyeballs and talk time. When you have thousands of attendees and only a handful of associates to cover them all, it’s important that you talk to the right people at the right level. Incorporating the guidelines set forth in our article How To Produce & Optimize A Trade Show Video For Maximum ROI we created this video with the Innovolt team.

Using both video and motion graphics we are able to captivate our target audience with beautiful imagery and effects. This video is being repurposed as an online promo video.  Be sure to leave any comments or questions below.
Video here:

As always, if you find that this is too much for you to handle or would like to walk through the entire process with an expert, schedule your complementary video production consultation with a DCD video production expert.

2 Replies to “Corporate Trade Show Video Example Featuring Motion Graphics”

  1. Hello, was led here through LinkedIn. Like the video and the technology involved. Very Clean and the boom up from the guy into the cloud graphics is nice.
    For me, in this day and age of use this crazy music to gather attention, the music contrasts overwhelmingly with the video, in my honest opinion. However, I would not be your target market walking around a noisy convention floor.
    Only other critique would be the last scene with the 3 videos and the text changing in the lower left quarter. Found myself looking at the 3 video pieces, and then the scene changed. Watching that part again, I still found myself looking at the 3 videos. That’s what happens for my eye. Possibly, if the logo and text messages were in the upper right my eye would catch the text better.
    Like the video just some thoughts from another perspective.

    1. Michael,

      Thanks for the comments. I agree, the music is a little crazy but typically at a trade show event, the volume will be mute. We just might move the graphics around as well since we are all about capturing peoples attention!

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