9.5 Billion Video Ads – Online Video Marketing Grows in 2012

Online video marketing should be an essential part of any marketing campaign. The number of videos being viewed online has been increasing; in correlation the number of video ads being viewed has also been raised. Video ads alone stood for 20.5% of all videos viewed online in April of 2012. Just over one out of every five videos being viewed online were advertisements. Bottom line people are spending a lot of time online watching advertisements.

In April of 2012 84.5% of the United States internet users viewed online video. That’s a staggering percentage when you think about how essential the internet has become for just about
everyone. If you use the internet there’s about a fifteen percent chance you aren’t going to be watching a video.

By looking at the sheer number of people simply viewing video online, we can see that the market for video advertising has been growing fast. In March of 2012 the amount of video ads was under 8.4 billion, in April the number of ads jumped to 9.5 billion. That’s over a billion more video ads being watching in just one month. With this raise in the amount of video advertising it seems almost impossible to watch videos online without having to view some kind of advertisement first. It’s the perfect time to get your name out there, and advertise using video.

Overall the market for advertising with video has increased, and it’s only going to keep getting bigger. More people are watching videos, and therefore watching ads. More companies are putting out videos, and it’s time to get your piece of that pie!

Source: ReelSEO