58 Percent of Americans Have Researched A Product or Service Online

According to a study by Pew Internet Research Center 58% of Americans have Researched A Product or Service Online.

DCD is committed to sharing information that helps local businesses flourish. So let us tell you what this study means and how it impacts your business.


Nearly six‐in‐ten adults (58%) have done research online about the products and services they buy, and about a quarter (24%) have posted comments or reviews online about the things they buy. People use Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find what they’re looking for and many then share this information with their peers. Obtaining 58% more costumers through your website can seriously impact your sales. Combine that with the increased use of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter it is even easier to share positive or negative reviews and comments regarding your products or services.


Ask yourself two questions:

  • Are people finding my website online?
  • Do I know what people are saying about my product or service online?

Here are two solutions you can implement to capitalize on the latests trends effecting business:

  • Optimize the content on your website for both customers and search engines.
  • Leverage social media sites to assist your customer service efforts neutralizing negative feedback with positive support.

If you still feel you need an extra boost, you will be thrilled to know that we offer special search engine optimization and social media campaigns just for you.