5 Ways To Get Started With SEO Today!

Search Engine Optimization is a cost effective way to increase your inbound marketing results. Since you’re just getting started there are a few things that you need to consider. These steps won’t work unless you work on them each week. SEO is not a setup and go strategy. SEO is a setup and go and keep going strategy! However, once it’s working, it can surpass all of your other marketing efforts.

1. Define Core Concepts
Create your plan. What are you trying to rank for? What keywords are relevant to your products and services? How are people finding the site right now? What am I ranking for in the search engines currently? Make a list and check it twice. Create your plan and strategy now, so that you don’t get lost later.

2. HTML Analysis
It’s time to open up your website’s inner workings and review the code. How the code is written not only effects how your viewers will see your website, the code directly effects how search engine robots will view your site. If the code is a mess, disorganized and just plane ugly, the bots are not going to like it. There are also important HTML tags that impact search results. Here are just a few that you need to include:

H1 – Title tag
H2 – Subtitle tag
ALT – Attribute tag for images
Strong – Bold important copy

3. Keyphrase Competitive Analysis
Don’t just look at your website, look at your competitors. If their website is ranking well, odds are they know what they’re doing. Visit their site and review how they have their content organized and stay up to date. This also means that you will need to incorporate what you find into your own best practice only SEO strategy.

4. Site Content
Update your website content! Create new content, revise past content, prepare new content. Search engines like GOOGLE absolutely love fresh, relevant content! Use your keyword strategy that you developed from the start and create some amazing content.

5. Meta Data
After years of being meaningless, Meta Data tags are once again relevant to SEO strategies. Since the search engines have become more and more sophisticated they can now utilize this information you provide once again. Don’t put a bunch of nonsense keywords in there or else you’ll be penalized. Keep it on target and you’ll destroy the Death Star.

6. Google Analytics
Did I say 5 tips? I meant 6 tips 😉 Google analytics is really amazing. This offers you a vast amount of data of your visitor’s activity. Utilize this information for fine tuning your content calendar and SEO efforts to see what’s working and of course, what’s not.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and have found a plethora of information. Please feel free to brows around the site and leave a comment if you like. Share this with your friends and you will receive happiness in the life to come!